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limited government

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The idea that government should be restricted in its lawful uses of power and hence in its ability to deprive people of their liberty is expressed by the term?

The idea that government should be restricted in its lawful uses of power and hence in its ability to deprive people of their liberty is expressed by the term limited government. The European philosopher whose concept of natural rights had a great impact on American politics is Locke.

What is A word for to deprive citizens of the ability to vote?


What is the meaning of neuromuscular incapacitation?

to deprive the ability of the nervous system and muscles to permit movement.

Does the government have the power to deprive man's life liberty and propoerty?

According to the U.S. Constitution and our laws, the government does not have the right to deprive man's life, liberty, and property. As for power, though, they certainly could use their resources to do that if they chose to.

What is the power of arrest?

the legal ability to arrest someone and deprive them of their freedom for a criminal offence or suspected criminal offence.

Use the word deprive in a sentence?

He wanted to enter, but the guards Deprived him. You can not deprive me from seeing my son.

What amendment that states that the federal government cannot deprive any individual of due process?

the 5th amendment

What is the Adjective of deprive?

Deprive is the verb, deprived is the adjective

How do you use the word deprive in a sentence?

Community Answer 1I should not really deprive you of the opportunity making up a sentence with the word deprive in it._____________________________________Community Answer 2Deprive means to withold a perceived need from a being. It might not be a necessity for the well being of the being, only that the being feels that it is being neglected."When I fast, I deprive myself of food for a limited time.""Jane felt that she had to deprive herself of dessert in order to lose weight."

What is a sentence for the word deprive?

i am going to deprive you of anal sex

Should celebrities be banned from taking office in government?

Of course not. I'm not in favor of this. Who are they to deprive the rights of these celebreties to run?

What is the meaning of deprive?

"Deprive" means to force someone to do without something.

What rhymes with deprive?

I think that subscribe rhymes with deprive.ArriveDerive

What is a sentence using deprive?

I would not want to deprive you of the pleasure of discovery.

Give you a sentence with deprive?

Because of their behaviour they decided to deprive them of some of their privileges. If the factory did close it would deprive many of the employees of an income.

What does deprive mean?

Deprive means to remove or withhold something from the enjoyment or possession of

The 5 amendment states that government may not deprive of their life liberty or property without what?

Due process, meaning a legal finding.

What are the procedural restraints found in the bill of rights?

The procedural restraints found in the Bill of Rights are that before the Government can deprive you of life, liberty, or property certain procedures need to be followed. An example is the court process used to deprive people of their freedom and sometimes their life.

What is a constitutional guarantee that a government will not deprive any person of life liberty or property by an unfair arbitrary or unreasonable action?

Due Process of Law

In a democracy the will of the majority cannot be used to deprive what group?

i believe its "deprive rights to a member of a minority group"

What is deprive?

To remove something.

What is Tagalog of deprive?


What is the noun for deprive?

The noun is deprivation

What is the Hindi word for deprive?


What does due process of law imply?

According to the Fifth Amendment, the government may not deprive citizens of â??life, liberty, or propertyâ?? without due process of law. This means that the government has to follow rules and established procedures in everything it does.