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The importance of information technology in society?


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What is importance of information technology in society?


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Hi, Information Technology is the technology is used to store, distribute and create the information and data. This technology processing on the data.

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The importance of information technology research relates to the improvements of everyday life. These include new communication technology, medical technology, and automobile safety.

The importance of science and technology in contemporary society is demonstrated in the daily lives of people. Science and technology is used for cooking, learning, working, and carrying out most tasks.

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It helps people to make informed decisions. You can also get it a lot faster because of the technology that is available.

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Is this a serious question? If so, computers are IT (acronym for Information Technology). Plain and simple.

The basis of modern Information Technology is the cost effective use of computers

the importance of studying science,tech,and society is so you know what you can do in nature and what you cannot do.

James W. Cortada has written: 'Making the information society' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Information technology, Information society, Information technology, Social aspects, Social aspects of Information technology

The importance of information technology in sports is seen in various aspects. This mainly used in analysis, communication, random selection of events and so much more.

information(all kinds!) is of vital importance to people, companies and the like. information technology is the technology that is used to transmit this information from one person/company to another.

Information Technology (I.T.) is the study of and/or the field of technology. I.E. Computer Science. Sociology is the study of Society.

Please what is the importance of information technology (I.T) yo the Nigerian stock exchange?

chemical technology is important to mans life in the field of works,to make work easier.

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Businesses can use information technology to find customers, track their revenue, improve their products, and improve the way they make and market products.

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