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The importance of your cultural heritage in Bhutan?



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Hi my name is Kinley Tshering, I am a Bhutanese student studying abroad. In response to your question about heritage and its importance to Bhutanese. I believe that being such a small country among giants, it is important to preserve our identity. The influences from our large neighbors are evident in everyday life, especially since the introduction of television several years ago. Without a strong cultural heritage bhutanese way of life may very well become an Indian/Chinese way of life. The reason cultural heritage plays such an important role in the lives of the Bhutanese is related to the way we think. Conservation of Nature is directly linked to religion and the belief that animals must not be killed and that the forests and mountains are homes of the Gods. There is also little difference between cultural heritage and history in Bhutan. For instance, the story that Bhuddism arrived in Bhutan by a Monk who flew across the mountains on a tiger. This is not just a story but part of actual history for many Bhutanese. One of the largest wild life preserves in Bhutan is the Sakten wild life preserve, which was created as a habitat for the Migyur, also known as bigfoot. For an outsider this may seem silly. But then again it is this sort of thing that makes Bhutan what it is. Im sorry to cut this short. I hope I answered your question somewhat, however I am restricted by time. Good luck and hope to see you in Bhutan one day ?