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Q: The individual who is responsible for defining the Utilitarian view of ethics was?
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What is utilitarian ethics?

demanding, and covering every aspect of life

Nozick uses his example of a pleasure machine to?

criticize utilitarian ethics

Bentham regarded utilitarian ethics as an important means of?

social reform

What is one basic challenge to utilitarian ethics is that for many people?

It is Psychologically false.

One basic challenge to utilitarian ethics is that for many people?

pleasure is not their goal.

Can the application of a utilitarian approach to ethics lead an unjust response or the compromise of someone's rights?


According to utilitarian ethics moral standing belongs to?

All who are capable of feeling pain or pleasure.

How would you describe utilitarian ethical theories?

The third major family of ethical systems comprises the utilitarian theories. This approach sees the proper goal of ethics as producing good, pleasure, or happiness.

Which ethical framework goes against the ethical principle of obeying certain duties or responsibilities no matter the end result?

1. Deontological framework of ethics 2. Social justice through fairness framework of ethics 3. virtue ethics framework of ethics 4. utilitarian framework of ethics

How different is ethics from religion?

From my view ethics have the same principle of how a religion sees ethics. However ethics only differ when one uses those ethics. Does the person use them towards their religion or some goal? ethics also can mean a moral principle within the individual. Religion will hold these ethics to the individual but it is up to the individual to decide do these ethics fit me? So ethics are different in the form of who and how do they apply these ethics to what end. Or in simple terms what purpose do these ethics arise from and what is their highest goal.

Hindu ethics involved what?

Hindu ethics involved emphasis on an individual carrying out the obligations of life.

What is the relation between ethics and psychology?

Ethics is code of conduct for collective behaviour and individual response. Psychology is an umbrella that connects individual with others.

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