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whashington irving, James fenimore cooper, and William Cullen Bryant.

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Q: The knickerbocker group of American writers included?
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The knickerbocker group of American writers include?

Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson, and Susan B. Anthony

Which group of early American writers was also known as Separatists?

They are the pilgrims

Who her the group of American writers who chose to live in Europe following World Was 1?

"The Lost Generation"

Which group of American writers no longer dominated the literary scene after world war 11?

Eurocentric Americans

New York literary movement that drew on both local and national theme?

Knickerbocker Group

New york literary movement that drew on both regional and mational themes?

The Knickerbocker group

Which Native American culture group included the Iroquois Confederacy where women had a remarkable degree of power?


What cultural group begins with the letter a?

African Americans, Arab Americans, Asians, American writers are cultural groups. They begin with the letter a.

Which group of writers valued reason and logical thinking over faith?

The Enlightenment Writers

What do you call a group of professional writers?

A compendium

What is a Knickerbocker?

At the beginning of the 17th century, New York City was a small Dutch community located at the south end of Manhattan Island. History tells us that the people of New Amsterdam were canny traders and wore funny pants. A knickerbocker is a descendant of these original Dutch settlers. The term can also refer to anyone who lives in the city, hence the New York Knicks. But where does the name come from? Apparently from the one and only Diedrich Knickerbocker, the fictitious author of Washington Irving's 1809 novel Knickerbocker's History of New York. He's also mentioned in the original title of Irving's most famous work, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Found Among the Papers of the Late Diedrich Knickerbocker. Diedrich was a product of his age: a descendant of immigrants, a wide-eyed opportunist, and a fiercely proud American. Using Diedrich Knickerbocker as a guiding light, Washington Irving went on to found the Knickerbocker School, a group of writers who were intent on distancing themselves from European traditions. Did we mention the funny pants? Knickerbockers can also refer to baggy pants that end just after the knees. Very useful for stomping about in New York City puddles.

A technique in which writers meet with other writers to get feedback or comments on their work is called?

This is a critique group.

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