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Q: The largest tribe in Somalia?
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Who are native people of Somalia?

the native people of Somalia are ajuuran, according to history, they are preprimary tribe of Somalia

What are the murusade tribe in Somalia?


What is the capitle of Somalia?

Mogadishu is the nations capital and the largest city in Somalia.

What is the largest sea in Africa?


What is the largest state in Somalia?

Puntland is the best

Does Somalia have a king and queen?

yes Somalia has kings. every clan has a king but there is not a king that rules the whole Somali tribe. but there could be

What is the largest tribe in the Sudan?

According to my information Dinka its largest tribe in Sudan

What is the largest speaking tribe in Liberia?

kpelle is largest speaking tribe in liberia.

Where is mogadishu?

Mogadishu is the capital and largest city of Somalia.

Which country has largest number of camels?

Somalia and Yemen..

What are the major exports of Somalia?

livestock is the largest export of somalia- for over 80% of their exports, livestock is the biggest one.

What was Florida's largest native American tribe?

the largest tribe in florida was the seminoles. <3 :)

What is the second largest native American tribe?

The second largest native American tribe is the Cherokee tribe. Currently, there are over 200,000 Americans that identify with the tribe.

Which country has the largest number of camels?

i think somalia or sudan

What is the largest body of water in Somalia?

wabe shebelle river

What is somalia'sa population?

The Federal Republic of Somalia has a population of 10.2 million people as of 2012. The capital and largest city in Somalia is Mogadishu.

Can you grow a cotton field in Somalia?

Before the begining of the somali civil war, balcad was the largest cotton growing district in somalia

Is reer khalaf the largest tribe in majeerteen?

yes reer khalaf is the largest tribe in cumar maxamuud

Which is the second largest tribe in South Africa?

The Xhosa tribe.

How many tribes are there in Somalia?

There are many tribe in Somalia but the most common tribes are:1. Daarood2. Hawiye3. Dir & Isaaq4. Digil & Warsangeli.

What African countries have an ocean coastline?

Somalia has the largest ocean in Africa

Is the Mohawk tribe the largest?


What is Hawiiye clan of Somalia?

The Hawiye are the largest clan in Somalia. They live in the central and southern areas of the country. They are believed to be descendants of Irir Samaale.

What is the largest city in Somalia?

"Mogdisho" which also known as "Hamar" is the largest city and the capital of Somalia. Before the civil war that erupted in Somalia in 1991 which devestated the whole country especally the city of Mogdisho , one of the most bueatiful cities in Africa, the pearl of Indian Ocean once.

Which of these countries in east africa is the largest is it Kenya Djibouti Somalia or Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is the largest of the four in area and population.