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C. the kings privy council

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Imagine that you're a member of the virginia house of burgesses and submitted a proposal for a law that requires colonial inspectors to place grades on different qualities of harvested tobacco?

* Question twice as long as allowable, copied in hundreds of times from a test sheet. All variants cleaned from valid questions.C. the king's privy council.If it passes it will not go into effect until it is approved by the king's Privy Council.OK, I'm imagining it. Now what do you want to know?The whole question is to long to type into the "ask" box so here's the rest of it:...The law passes, but you know it won't go into effect until its approved by...?and here's what i believe the answer is according to what's in my study guide: C: the King's Privy Council.the answer is C: the king's Privy Council

Is Bed course valid from singania university?

It is approved by UGC , however it is not approved by NCTE. If you want to know how this can effect you, please feel free to call me on 0-9821269898

Is rajasthan vidyapeeth for b-tech in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering approved by ugc and dec and aicte?

It is approved by UGC & DEC, however it is not approved by AICTE. If you want to know how this can effect you, please feel free to call me on 0-9821269898

UK visa - you tracked online the status - it says processed already sent to courier - is it approved or rejected?

Until you get the passport, you won't able to know whether it is approved or rejected.

Can a felon travel to Belize?

The answer to this question cannot be known unleess/until you apply for a visa. Only when your visa is approved or denied will you know.

How do you know if a colloid is present?

Colloids exhibit the Tyndall effect, in which a beam of light is visible from the side. You can see a laser beam from the side when it passes through fog (Tyndall effect), so it is a colloid.

You want to know that nimsuniversity in jaipur is ugc approved or not?

Yes I want to know that nims unversity in jaipur is ugc approved or not ?

What conditions would have to be met in order for an ambulance with its siren on not to exhibit the Doppler effect when it passes you?

As far as I know, there will always be a Doppler effect when there is relative movement between the object that emits sound, and the observer (i.e. you, who are listening to the sound).

Howrse passes cheats?

There is not really a cheat that I know of. You pretty much buy the passes

Is symbiosis pune AICTE approved?

is symbiosis is AICTE approved, IF any one know reply me thank u

How do you know if a transaction is already approved for a government credit card?

The transaction list displays an Approved status for the transaction

How do you know if the person selected approved the relationship status on Facebook?

If they approved it, then on your profile it will say "in a relationship" or whatever the status is that the person approved. It will now appear when your view your profile.

Is there a usp approved Resveratrol?

I know this answer will be short, but Nature Made is a USP approved nutritional supplement manufacturer. They have a resveratrol product.

Ugc approved faculty members in annamalai university?

I want to know the approved faculty members list in the annamalai university

What does Whole30 approved mean?

whole30 approved is a label that lets you know that a product is compliant with the rules and regulations of a whole30 program

Ncte approved bed colleges list in bhopal?

i want to know ncte approved b.ed. colleges 2007 in bhopal m.p.

Ksou mca is approved by aicte and ugc?

it is a very good question i too do not know how to know this

How does a police man know if you have your seat belt on?

by looking at you when he passes

How do you know i will meet Justin Bieber?

you will met him if you have vip passes

Does an individual tell the executor the contents of the will before he dies?

Yes and No, it depends entirely on how the will is written and 'if' the person making the will wants to or not. Some people do not even know they are executors until after the person passes away.

Is scdl is approved by aicte?

I wana know IS SCDL aprroved AICTE??

Why do you Need a gate pass?

so they know that you have been approved to enter

How do you know when work is being done?

you know when work is done when it's finished and checked and approved by someone.

How do i get this effect in Photoshop?

What effect in Photoshop do you want to know

How many battle passes can you make in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

I don't know, but I know that if you play on the Wi-Fi place, you will get more blank Battle Passes if you get a certain amount of Friend Passes. For example, I got my first blank Battle Pass when I got 20 Friend Passes. I forget where I got my second blank Battle Pass.

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