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service port number

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What is found on a datalink layer header?

The data link layer header contains the destination and source of information of the original frame and device sending information. You will also find that it contains the information of the device to receive it.

What information is contained in the header of Layer 3 to help data delivery?

destination host logical address

Which OSI layer header contains the address of a destination host that is on another?

Network Layer

What is in the data link layer header?

The data link layer header contains the source's physical address. It refers the address that is found in the Network Interface Card.

What header information does a router change?

The information that is changed in the header by the router is the layer 2 source along with the destination address. The layer 3 source and destination address are not changed.

Which OSI layer uses the header information to reassemble the data segments into streams?

transport layer

Which OSI layer is responsible for adding a header that includes routing information?

According to the Networking book by Jeffery S. Beasley..... it is the "Network" layer (layer 3) that adds a header including routing information. This can be verified on page 123.

What information is found in the network layer header?

The destination host address

What is the transport layer in network?

Transport layer is responsible for reliable delivery of information, error correction and so on.

What is the difference between network layer packet delivery and transport layer packet delivery?

Packet delivery is done by 3rd layer as well as 4th layer . But there is a difference between both of them . The network layer ensures source to destination delivery but the the transport layer ensures end to end delivery.

What atmosphere layer contains layer?

An atmospheric layer that contains layer is stratosphere. It contains ozone layer.

What header address information does a router change in the information it receives from an attached Ethernet interface before information is transmitted out another interface?

the Layer 2 source and destination address

Difference between network layer delivery and transport layer delivery?

network layer delivery logically communicate between the source-to-destination. while Transport layer delivery logically communicate between PROCESS-to-PROCESS.

What is the use of adding header and trailer to the frames?

Trailer is added at only data link layer because data link layer provides error and flow control.Header Contains address of device where frames will be send

What is the layer that contains ozone?

The layer that contains ozone is atmosphere. The atmosphere contains a sub layer called stratosphere which contains the former.

The layer of air that contains the ozone layer?

Stratosphere is the layer of atmosphere which contains the ozone layer.

How many fields does a udp header have?

UDP is a Transport layer protocol or fourth layer protocol. UDP is a connection less protocol used in transport layer. UDP header have four fields in total .

The layer of the atmosphere that contains the ozone is the?

The layer of atmosphere that contains the ozone is stratosphere. The stratosphere also contains the ozone layer.

What can be identified by the network layer header?

destination host address

Why header and trailer is present in network layers?

the data in the network layer is called packet.this network layer is used to transmit the data from source to in this layer,the main responsibility is routing.trailor is used in the data link layer ,as well as network layer for the error correction.the header has to be added to trasmit the data from one layer to the next layer.

What atmospheric layer includes the ozone layer?

The stratospheric layer contains it. It is the layer which contains maximum of it's concentration.

What is the layer of the atmosphere were jets fly through and contains ozone layer?

The layer is stratosphere. It contains the ozone layer.

When data are transmitted from device A to device B the header from A's layer 4 is read by B's --- layer?

Transport Layer

Which atmospheric layer contains clouds?

Stratospheric layer contains clouds. It also contains ozone.

Which layer contains ions?

Ionosphere is the layer of atmosphere which contains ions.

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