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The light for the gear shift on the console does not work on a 2002 Toyota Camry?


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If the light for the gear shift on the console does not work on a 2002 Toyota Camry, it is probably a burned out bulb. The console will need to come off to access the bulb to change it. This part is held onto the console area by screws.

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How can you change the light bulb for the gear shift on a 2002 Toyota Camry?

I believe that there is a button that controls this light. I drive a 95 Toyota Camry Coupe, and on my console down by the Gear Shift there is a small button labeled "PWD". When engaged (Down) the light is off, and when disengaged (up) the lGren PWD light shows on the Instrument panel. My understanding is it has to do with Traction Control Hope that helps!

The Camry in 1990 doesnt have a shift solenoid. It was controled by a hydraulic shift governor inside the transmission. So the trans. has to come out and be opened up.

Begin by removing the 2002 Jeep Liberty shift console retaining bolts. Lift the shift console up and the light bulb will be visible. Take hold of the light bulb, push in and turn at the same time to remove it. Reverse the process to install your new shift console light bulb.

the shift pattern select switch in the center console turns the light on or off. it should also sat "power" on it.

no it will not. the 1995 Camry has one speed sensor, the 1992 Camry has two speed sensors. The car will go into limp mode and after 10 minutes of driving the Overdrive light will continue to flash indicating a shifting problem. It will not shift in 1st or 2nd gear. It will stay stuck in 3rd gear (limp mode)

There is a little button on the transmission shift stick, from the driver's side. Just press it, and you will see light in your dash board... And you will get what you want.

Any body know the answer to this....I got the cover off of the console but don't see where the light bulb is.....I see wires running up underneath but not a good way to get at them to see if light bulb is attached.

there will be a small button below the gear shift stick.... on the stick itself.. just click that button.....

the backup light switch is part of the neutral start switch. it is located behind the shift lever at the bottom front of the transmission. it has about 8 wires coming out of the plug.

how to replace the light bulb on the gear shift on 2004 tracker

Try this site......

Look in the owners manual. There is a button close to gear shift that you can press in a sequence to get unstuck.

Remove the center console to get at the burned out bulb. Consult the vehicle manual to learn how to do this as different models may have slight differences.

how to change light bulb light on the gear shift for a toyota matrix 2007

If you assume that transmission is in a good condition, the only thing which can do to that is neutral safety switch.

un push the button on the shift console. done.

You have to remove the console cover. This starts with two screws in the console storage tray.

I have a Haynes manual and it shows that you pry off the molding around the shifter. At the 4 corners there are screws that allow you to remove the plastic shift console. Inside on the drivers side is the light bulb. Mine is also out. I have been trying to find out the bulb before I disassembled the shift console. Do you know the bulb spec? Pat Dailey

THE SHIFT SOLENOID IS LOCATED ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE TRANSMISSION, BEHIND THE SELECTOR SWITCH. IT IS HELD IN PLACE BY 2 10MM BOLTS Angelo !!! wrong answer!!!! shift solenoids are located on top and the back of valve body.

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