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yes limited brands is the parent company of many brands including but not limited to victorias secret, pink by victorias secret, vsx (the victorias secret sport line), and victorias secret beauty

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Q: The limited brands owns Victoria's Secret?
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Who owns Victoria's Secret?

The Limited brands own Victoria's Secret.

Who owns the bath and body works?

The Limited Brands owns Bath and Body Works, along with Victoria's Secret and The Limited

Who owns the limited brands?

Leslie Wexner

What clothing brand has a lion logo?

Express brand which is a brand under Limited Brands which also owns Victoria's Secret.

What is the ticker symbol for Victoria's Secret?

Victoria's Secret is the largest brand of the NYSE traded company Limited Brands. The stock symbol is LTD for Limited Brands. Limited Brands also owns these stores: Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Henri Bendel La Senza The White Barn Candle Co.

As at 2008 which corporation owns brands Duracell Braun and Gillette?

Cellebrum Technologies Limited

Listing of Vice Presidents within the Victoria's Secret company?

Victoria's Secret has vice presidents for different divisions of their company: Cosimo Policastro - VP of Fragrances Katharine Phillips Harding - VP of Limited Brands (which owns Victoria's Secret) Denise Landman - VP of Merchandising Idalia Farrajota- VP of Victoria's Secret

Who owns the limited brand?

Who owns the limited brand

Who owns Limitless Yacht?

Limitless is owned by Lesley Wexner owner of the Limited Retail Stores, The Limited Stores,Victoria's Secret from Columbus ,Ohio

Does Victoria Jackson own Victoria's Secret?

Roy Raymond founded Victoria's Secret and sold it in 1982 to a company called The Limited after establishing it in 1977. Leslie Wexner owns the company called The Limited.

Who is justice just for girls owner?

Justice Just for Girls is owned by Tween Brands, the same company that owns Limited Too.

What parent company owns bath and body works?

Limited Brands is the parent company for Bath and Body Works, as well as Henri Bendel, Victoria's Secret, Pink, La Senza, The White Barn Candle Company, and C.O. Bigelow.

What is the secret for Victoria's Secret?

The secret is that a MAN owns it!

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Is Victoria's Secret made by a drag queen?

No. Currently, Victoria's Secret is owned by Les Wexner, who also owns Bath & Body Works and formerly owned most of The Limited.

Who currently owns Taco Bell?

YUM BRANDS Owns Taco Bell

Who owns KFC now?

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Unilever owns what tea brands?

Unilever owns numerous tea brands, including Lipton, PG Tips, Red Rose, and many others. Unilever owns many of the dominant tea brands in numerous countries around the globe.

Which company owns Infusium 23?

Procter and Gamble currently owns Infusium brands.

Who owns the Target companies?

It is it's own company that owns, such brands as Archer Farms.

What happened to limited too?

Well, the store actually didn't go bankrupt but here's what happened. Tween Brands Inc. is the company that owns both Justice and Limited Too clothing brands. Recently many customers have opted to shop at Justice, because of its lower prices and similar clothing. Due to this, Limited Too has had an all time low profit, so Tween Brands Inc. will be converting about 600 Limited Too stores to Justice.

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