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I'm a Danger Man from a dangerous city

And I lead a very dangerous life

I got a dangerous car, goes dangerous speeds

And very hazardous wife

I got 16 or 17 dangerous girlfriends

Not counting one or two

Look out kid you don't want to get hit

I'm dangerous to you

You better look out

I got long strong dangerous arms

I can grab and hold you tight

I got dangerous eyes and dangerous lips

I can kiss and love you all night

Got a head full of dangerous ideas mama

A heart full of bad intentions

A mess of stuff I cant talk about

Too dangerous to mention

You better look out

I'm dangerous to my fingertips, darlin'

Dangerous head to toe

Got a dangerous mind and a dangerous body

God knows I got a dangerous nose

I been warned by the board of inquiry

Been condemned by the board of health

Wont keep a mirror inside my house

'Cause I even scare myself

You better look out.

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Q: The lyrics to David Bromberg's Danger man?
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