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Women became most independent after World War 1, taking on the "men's roles" but but became more independent again during WW2. Some main roles of women before WW2 are nurses, shop assistants and typists.


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Primarily, household management - there were exceptions, of course, but mostly women managed families and households.

the main role of women during world war 2, was to build planes, ships, guns, and anything else to win the war. Rosie the riveters was a popular name for the women who left their homes and went to work at factories.

making sandwiches or stripping

To work in factories, fill the rolls of the men, and manufacture weapons, ammo, and vehicle's.

The role of women before WW2 was to be the homely, caring, typical housewife. Most of the jobs were taken by men, but when the men went to War during WW1 as most of Britains younger generation was at War the women had to take on the roles of the men. This is when women started to get more equal rights.

the main factors as to why women got the vote were as follows: the campaign of the suffragists, the campaign of the suffragettes and the role of women in world war 1

women worked in factories to make weapons and war supplies. They filled the role that men had before the war.

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The role of women in the world started to change, and that women started to enter the defense forces

women should've been ironing during the war because that's their role in society. women should've been ironing during the war because that's their role in society.

In the years prior to World War One, women for the most part were viewed as home makers and child care persons. This is a generalization, however, for the most part that was their major role and how they were perceived in the USA and in most of the world.

You have to show us the list before we can decide.

Hi, I think that the main obstacle is that women are less powerfull than man , and women have a very very good feeling that it is also imortant and usefull in life for them and for society

running businesses and homesTo run businesses and homes

The main meaning of this poem is to show that everyone has a role to play in this world. It talks about how men, women, and children all have to stick to their roles to make the world go around.

Women worked in many factories and farms in the war.

world war 2 had a great effect on womenThe main policy was containment of the communist role in the world. Russia was seen as trying to spread communist doctrine, and this became the main concern for the US and set policy for the next 60 years.

by filling roles that were unocupied

women played a very important role during world war 1. While men were out fighting in the war, women went out of the homes to the mills to help in the production process.

Violence against women was one of the main focuses of the movement. Harassment, wife-beating, rape, and "dowry deaths"

Women stayed home and sucked my balls. My big hairy balls.

He really hated women and blamed them for everything that was wrong in the world.

Women began playing a large role in the workforce.

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