The maker doesn't want it the buyer doesn't use it and the user doesn't see it what is it?

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The answer to this question is so easy! It's a coffin.
The maker doesn't want it because he or she is not dead.
The buyer doesn't need it because he or she is not dead as well.
And of course the user doesn't know/see if he or she is using it because they are dead.  
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now for my is possible, you must be skilled in waking hypnosis (yes, there is such a thing), conversational hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (nlp), inbedded commands, language patterns and indirect hypnosis. He need not be "in hypnosis" as such, just change his "state". Once again ( Full Answer )

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If he does not stop talking about something then maybe he find it to be important and you should just listen. Even if it is not important you should still listen. You should always be happy to hear what your partner has to say.

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you see, kids try to stay up and see him. if he does get caught he uses a magical dust that makes the forget the last few moments and it puts the kids to sleep. it also works on adults

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well, it means youve either been feeding it too many treats,human food or he doesnt like the food. so only feed it 1-2 treats a day, cut down on the human food and whatever food your using, change it.

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it just means he/she doesn't like you in that sort of way anymore .............means the sparks just not there anymore ........the most possible way if he doesn't want to see you is if he needs some time off ALONE or just likes another girl