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The meaning of if in C language?


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C ia a basic computer language to make applications. The meaning of "if in C language" is making a statement about something that would apply to C language.


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'Keyword' is a synonym for 'reserved word', it is not specific to C language.

The meaning of percent a in c language is that it is a float handling operator. It prints out a float variable type into a hexadecimal number.

There is no meaning for the C in C-language. Previously , there was a language called BCPL (Basic combined programming language) ,Ken thompson improved this language and named as B language. After several modifications and inclusion of advanced features such as Pointers , Dennis Richie named it as C , (C comes after B in Alphabetical Order) So , name for that Language came in this way. Later Bjourne Strostrup included Object Oriented features to C , and Named 'C with Classes ' and later C++.

It is the name of the language. It was named "C" because many of its features were derived from an earlier language called "B" where "B" was a stripped-down version of the BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language) programming language.

There is no keyword 'prototype' in the C programming language itself. The term "function prototype" is defined in the C language specification as "a declaration of a function that declares the types of its parameters".

The keyword "and" has no meaning in C. If you want to perform bitwise AND, use the & operator. For logical AND, use the && operator.

The ++ in C++ refers to the postfix increment operator (operator++()). It's literal meaning is "the successor to C", in reference to the C language upon which the C++ language is based.

'C' is a programming language that was invented in the early 1970's by Dennis Ritchie. It is a 'compiled' language, meaning that it executes as native code, allowing it to run very fast. As such, most modern operating systems are written in C.

"c sur" is text language for "c'est sur", meaning "that's sure" in English.

C-language was derived from B-language.

language created after the language 'B' is called as 'c'.

language before c language is pascal

C Language is First Step of Programming Language, Help for C Language you are show the correct answer

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Is C is not a regular language, it is a programming language is.

C is a pop language. C is a case sensetive language. C is motherof all language. C is block structure language. C is a high level language. C is advace of B language. C developed by D.richties in 1972 at AT & T Bell lab in USA. Sachin Bhardwaj 986854722

C language: int (but C is NOT a .net language) C# language: object or System.Object

versions of c language?

C is a programming language.

C is a independent language

No. There is no C in Greek Language.

the purposr of c language is the system based in c language .this programing language is most importent of system language .totaly based in programing laguages in c

C is a is defined by the c language

C is structered language C is simple Cis portable C has rich set of operators and datatypes C is blokstructered language

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