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Hey ur speaker temporiraly magnatize the monitor which divert electorn from picture tube and hence making shaky images , to avoid this stuff you need to put ur speaker far from ur monitor... :-) abhi

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How can you get sound from your monitor?

You have to have speakers mounted on your monitor, or have speakers to get sound from your comprute.

I have no speakers on my monitor?

the Monitor either doesn't come with speakers, Then you have to buy some. Hope this helped you :)

What is the difference between a computer monitor and speakers?

A computer monitor outputs visuals, and speakers output audio.

How much does a Dell computer monitor with speakers cost?

Monitors with speakers in general cost more. Dell computer monitor with integrated speakers, depending on the size of monitor can run you as much as $700.

My monitor's sound disappeared after I installed a new HDMI monitor?

Your new monitor probably doesn't have built-in speakers, so you should buy some speakers. If it does have built in speakers, you'll have to download a sound driver for your monitor.

What is a commomly used output device printer monitor scanner speakers?


What is the average cost of a basic computer?

The average computer may cost $3000.00 with a monitor and speakers. It may cost $2000.00 without a monitor and speakers.

What are three output devices?

monitor, printer, and speakers

What is the example of output device?

printer, speakers, monitor.

What is moniter and sound?

Monitor is your screen, sound-your speakers.

3 examples of output device?

Monitor, Printer, and Speakers

What are two computer parts that give output?

monitor and speakers

What component is an output device?

Display/Monitor Printer Speakers

What computer with one button will turn on the monitor and speakers?


Do the speakers that come with the Sony KLH40X1 monitor need their own power cord?

No, they will be connected directly into the monitor itself.

Which one is an input device a printer keyboard speakers or monitor?


What cannot be used as an input device?

printer speakers scanner monitor

Name 5 output devices on the computer?

printer monitor speakers

What are Output devices in a computer environment?

Monitor, Printer, Speakers etc.

Is the monitor speakers headphone and printer output devices?

im a boss

What are the examples of output devices and how to use it?

speakers, and your monitor, by plugging them into your computer

How can I Fix a CRT monitor with ghost images?

Try removing any magnets or speakers from around the monitor. It might help.

Why is a projector a output devices?

Because it shows something just like a monitor does. other output devices are printers, speakers, and wireless devices for examples.

What is a output device of a computer?

An output device can be a Monitor(s), Speakers, etc.

Name 4 output devices?

Keyboard, printer, mouse, speakers, monitor.