The most affordable life insurance?

In general, there are many different policies available depending on various circumstances.
There are expensive life insurance policies and there are cheap ones. The expensive life insurance policies which include whole life and universal life policies are investment devices as well which also accumulate cash worth as the time passes. These are permanent policies and remain in effect till the policy owner lives. The insurance amount is tax free and also facilitates borrowing loans.

As far as term life insurance policies are concerned, the most inexpensive and basic ones are just for protection purposes. The duration for which a term life policy remains effective is limited and there are no cash returns or dividends in a term life policy.

The low cost life insurance- would be the most affordable it is a good deal for young couples, people with children, single parents and even individuals with no families. It complements modest household incomes, doesn't put a strain on the finances and yet offers good coverage for a number of years.