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"The Nutcracker" by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky.

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What is the most popular ballet preformed on Christmas?

The most popular ballet preformed on Christmas is 'The Nutcracker'

What is the most popular Christmas ballet?

Tchaikovshy's Nutcracker Suite.

Why is classical music used in ballet?

For the following reasons: * It was the music of the time when ballet was first being danced. Classical music was the "popular" and "cool" music of the time. * It's beautiful songs really connect with ballet. * Even after classical music was not the popular music of the day, everyone thought of ballet with classsical music. * Older ballets were already written to classical music, it wouldn't make sense to rewrite the music for those historic and beautiful ballets.

What is the full name of a famous christmas ballet?

One of the most famous ballet performed around Christmas time is 'The Nutcracker'.

Is ballet classical?

Ballet is one of the first types of dance and uses classical music so it is very classical.

What is the name of the ballet performed around Christmas each year?

The Nutcracker is the ballet most associated with Christmas. The story takes place on Christmas and involves the gift of a nutcracker. It was written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1892.

What is the style of ballet?

The style of ballet is classical.

What types of the ballet?

Classical ballet and contemporary.

Another name for classical ballet?


What is the most popular ballet preforms around Christmas time?

in it's a Wonderful life how do they know how a angel gets it's wings

How can a parent introduce their young children to classical ballet?

A parent can introduce their young children to classical ballet by taking them to a ballet that is mostly meant for smaller children to enjoy and they will most likely like classical ballet after that.

What sort of music is ballet danced to?

Classical ballet is usually danced to classical music. Contemporary ballet is danced to variety of music.

What are the different kinds of ballet?

classical ballet, modern ballet, theatrical ballet and contempary

What are the different types of ballet?

Classical and modern ballet

Who started classical ballet?

Russia started ballet..............................

A form for ballet?

There is a spectrum of forms of ballet which are continuous based on choreography, but the categories recognized are: classical neo-classical contemporary modern-ballet

Is ballet start in France?

No, it actually didn't, even though the Classical Ballet words are in French. Classical Ballet first started in Italy!

How many classical ballet positions are there?

First you have your five basic ballet positions called first second third fourth and fifth position. They are in both the arms and the legs. You also have other popular poses such as classical pose.

What are different types of ballet dance?

classical and contemporary ballet

What is the difference between classical ballet and ballet?

there isn't one.

Who founded classical ballet?

i did,,

Where can you study to become a ballet dancer?

you can study at a ballet school. you can look in your area for ballet schools, if you want a classical ballet school, you will have to look around more because there are lots of just jazz schools.

In what year did classical ballet start?

Classical ballet can be traced to Italy during the 1400's at the time of Renaissance.

What ballet did Peter Tchaikovsky write that is famous around Christmas?

The Nutcracker

What is the difference between ballet and classical ballet?

Do you mean the difference between neo-classical ballet and classical ballet? If so, the differences can be very small or very large and depends on many factors such as choreography, music, what year it was created, and style. Neo-classical ballet tends to be more of a mix of contemporary/modern and ballet. Though the movement of the choreography may seem more contemporary like, you will notice that foundation of classical ballet positions, turnout, and posture is still being used throughout the dance. The music tends to be more down-to-earth or more upbeat compared to classical ballet music (example: Tchaikovsky). The costumes follow along with it (example: more of a newer and modern looking costume compared to romantic tutus or flat tutus. If you are comparing romantic ballet to classical ballet, the difference will seem very insignificant to the untrained eye and many of the factors are almost identical. The feeling and look of romantic ballet is very floaty and soft (example: La Sylphide) and classical ballet tends to have more sharper and defined movement (example Sleeping Beauty). In romantic ballet you will see more longer floaty looking tutus; like dresses. In classical flat tutus are more popular. You will also notice in romantic ballet, the plots are a lot more fiction based and are very fantasized (example: The Wilis in Giselle). While there is still tons of imaginary creatures in classical ballet it is more acting in real life problems. There is practically very minimum difference between the two technique-wise. The term "classical ballet" is mainly used to just define the difference between it and neo-classical ballet.