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I hate to say it, but if you have steam coming from the exaust, it's probably indicative of engine damage, possibly a blown head gasket. Generally if the radiator is cold, and the car is overheating, the possibilities include, a stuck closed thermostat, a stopped up radiator, a non-fuctioning water pump, or possibly a severly low level of coolant in the system, i.e., not enough coolant in the engine to circulate any through the radiator. Whatever you do, do not attempt to open the radiator cap while the engine is hot. You will severly burn yourself. Wait until the car is cold, open the radiator cap, and check the coolant level. My suspicion is that you will not see any coolant, because it has all either leaked out, or been boiled out. If you find this, I reccommend you get some help properly filling the radiator. It OS not as easy as just putting water in, because the system, has to be "burped" that is, the air pockets must be purged with a process that involves constantly carefully removing the cap while the engine is running, and adding more coolant several times. This can be dangerous if you don't know exactlt what you are doing because you can severly burn yourself strongly suggest you get some help. After all this, you I suspect you will find that the engine is damaged, and needs fairly expensive repair.

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Q: The motor on car is overheating and the radiator cold with plenty of steem from the bleeder and blowing a little from exzaustwhats wrong?
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Toyota Celica vvti no hot air engine overheating?

If the Toyota Celica VVTI is not blowing hot air through the heater, but the engine is overheating, there could be a problem with the radiator being plugged up. Sediment sometimes builds up in the radiator that can clog thermostats. Another problem might be the thermostat sticking or the water pump is leaking.

Im looking at buying a 98 jeep Cherokee sport that has overheating issues he said the radiatorwater pump and thermostat was changed but still hits 260what can be wrongis it worth buying?

Hi have you checked the radiator for blockage if it is blowing water back out the radiator this could be the problem.

Why would your 1996 Ford Winstar still be overheating with no hot air blowing when you just had thermostat replaced twice and radiator flushed?

could be the water pump That is a typical symptom of an air lock in the cooling system

The engine is overheating and you have no heat just cold air blowing?

Probably a bad thermostat.

Why is the radiator empty and car over heating and blowing cold air?

Over-obvious answer? Your radiator, or one of your radiator hoses, leaks - badly.

Heater blowing cold but car not overheating?

faulty control valve on heater or air in the lines

1995 camaro running hot blowing head gaskets replace gaskets but still running hot lots of pressure in radiator?

Your heads are probably warped from overheating. have them checked out by a machine shop. Sometimes they can machine them back to flat, but you might have to replace them.

Would the head going cause a new radiator to blow or vise versa so which failed first the new radiator or the new head gasket?

A blown head gasket will pressurise the cooling system sometimes to the extent of blowing the radiator. A blocked radiator will cause a lack of coolant flow and overheating, which can cause head gasket failiure. Without inspecting the vehicle there is now way to tell which component failed first. Best wishes.

Your 2009 Chevy is blowing out white smoke and overheating what does this mean?

Sounds like a bad head gasket

My 95' Tahoe is overheating and steam is blowing out of the front-end around a tube that inserts into the radiator. What should I do?

You might need to either replace your thermostat or the radiator itself. I can't tell what "tube" you're talking about, but it COULD just be the radiator cap that's bad and you're venting into the tube that goes to the coolant recovery reservoir. If that's the case, just get a new radiator cap. If the radiator hose is leaking, replace it. Unfortunately, I can't tell what's wrong from your description.

Could it be the head gasket leaking on the 1999 bonneville154000 miles?

If the engine is overheating rapidly and/or blowing oil then it could be.

Why you your car overheating and blowing cool air when turned to hot?

bad water pump or low coolant level

Your 96 LHS is overheating and you replaced the thermostat The radiator hose keeps getting stiff and the car overheats How can you tell if it is a water pump issue or a head gasket?

It could be your head gasket... is it blowing blue smoke out the back? or you could have a messed up valve or something It could be your head gasket... is it blowing blue smoke out the back? or you could have a messed up valve or something

Your 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee had radiator replaced and thermostat replaced and is still overheating how do you know if it is the water pump?

play in the fan shows the front pump bearing worn....bleeder hole located just behind the water pump pulley small 1/4 " drilled hole leaking anti freeze???? do you get a lot of white smoke from your tailpipes???? if so head gaskets are bad as well... water pump bad could have created that condition allowing the engine to over heat thus blowing out the gaskets!!

Why is my BMW over heating and blowing out cold air its a 6 cylinder?

It's probably the radiator. Make sure there's enough coolant in the radiator.

How do you locate the outlet on a radiator for a 2000 Chrysler town and country?

To find the outlet on a radiator is simple. All you have to do is find the hot and cool air that is blowing.

Why do my 1988 camaro smokes from under hood when I'm driving?

it's either overheating or blowing oil onto the manifold

Why is the heater blowing cold air on a 2000 mountaineer?

Because you don't have enough coolant in your radiator.

Your car is overheating the water pump went and the thermostat colomn had a whole in it it is still really badly overheating could it be the head gaskets?

On many engines you have to bleed the air from a bleed screw or trapped air will stop coolant from circulating. Thermostat installed backwards? Radiator plugged up? Hopefully it's not head gaskets. If it's blowing white smoke and the exhaust smells sweet, then it is head gasket.

Why is your 2004 Impreza overheating and blowing cold air?

Low coolant?Bad thermostat?System airbound?Bad water pump?

What is wrong if car is overheating and heater blowing cold air?

most likely thermostat stuck less than $ 15 part

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee overheating and blowing cold air?

Coolant level is probably low, Have it checked for an antifreeze leak.

Why is cold air blowing out when heater is on and overheating?

sounds like the head gasket ...same thing just happened in my 97 cavalier

Why would your 2002 Kia Sedona be overheating and blowing hoses when you changed the water pump and thermostat?

Purg The Air Out of the Cooling system

How does the heat energy get from the hot water to the outside of the radiator?

The hot water is in contact with the metal casing of the radiator, so that metal radiator takes some heat from the water. The heat then passes from the inside metal of radiator to the outside metal of the radiator through convection. The outside metal of the radiator then passes it to the air that is blowing by it outside.