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Q: The mud turned into coal and dead plants turned into what?
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How is a whole fossil formed?

It is made by mud and dead plants. They then dry.

What was coal millions of years ago before it was buried beneath mud and squished?

Plants; mostly trees.

What was coal before it was buried beneath mud and squished?

Live matter, such as plants and animals. It then was covered in mud most likely, and compression made it coal. This is just a general overview of what actually happens however, and is by no means an in depth explanation.

What explains how coal deposits formed?

A coal deposit is a lenticular layer of carbon and carbon compounds formed from the remains of plants and basically ancient Geography explains how coal deposits are formed. To get a coal deposit you need the plants to be growing in swampy conditions so that as plants grow and then die, they fall into the the swamp waters to be replaced by new plants so that in time, a thick layer of dead plants builds up at the bottom the swamp (you need about 3 feet depth of plant matter to eventually form 1 foot of coal). You then need to rapidly bury the dead plants with sediments (sand and mud) before it rots away. Thus we need a swampy place for plants to grow which, every so often, is subject to deposits of sediment. Today we call these places River Deltas. Once the swamp gets buried by more and more sediments, the water gets squeezed out of the plants and over time, as the swamp get buried ever deeper, the heat from inside the earth changes the plants into coal.

Jesus turned mud into a pigeon?

no. there's nowhere to be found in the bible that hesus turned mud into a pigeon.

What plant live in the mud?

Mud plants

What type of rock is coal associated with and how is it formed?

Millions of years ago, huge coniferous (not to be confused with carnivorous, they're probably all extinct now) trees and massive ferns died and fell into tropical swamps and got covered by a lot of mud and sand and grit and silt and general dirt. The plants stored energy from the sun which they took in when they were alive (called photosynthesis), and was preserved when it turned into coal. Over more millions of years (phew, what a lot of millions of years!) the silt and stuff turned into rock, and all the plants (you know, trees and ferns we were talking about earlier) became coal.

What plants or animals died to form the coal?

Actually, any kind of plant/animal could have died to form coal. But not just any type of coal. Bituminous coal, to be exact. This happens when dead plant/animal's remains (though mostly plant, a small percentage of bituminous coal is from animal remains) are buried under a body of water (usually a swamp) and decay there for a while, forming a thick layer. Then it needs to be buried by a lot of 'sediments', usually mud/sand to compress the plant/animal remains into coal.

How is coal fuel connected to the sun?

Coal was formed from plant matter that was covered by mud or silt and subjected to intense heat and pressure over millions of years. The sun is the source of energy for all plants, therefore all of the energy held in coal originated from the sun.

Why plants cant grow in mud?

Because roots can not respire in mud

Can plants grow in mud?


Are there trees in coal?

Yes... coal is made from trees that have been compressed for thousands of years, and buried under layers of mud.

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