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There are 88 official "constellations" recognized by the International Astronomical Union. These official constellations include the 12 Zodiac constellations and such well-known ones like Ursa Major or Orion.

Any named grouping of stars other than the "official" 88 are called "asterisms". For example, the Big Dipper is not an official constellation; instead, it is an asterism. Asterisms may be parts of constellations, or may include stars from two or more constellations. The Big Dipper is a part of the larger constellation of Ursa Major, while "Orion's Belt" is an asterism, the middle part of the constellation of Orion.


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A huge group of stars is called a galaxy.

constellation is a group of stars with a name assigned to it ;

That depends which group of stars you're talking about. A group of stars that form some kind of shape in the sky is called an asterism. A gravitationally bound group of stars is called a galaxy, cluster, or system depending on how big it is.

A star cluster or a constellation can be a name given to a close knit grouping of stars. A group of constellations will form a galaxy..

Globular ClusterA huge group of stars that are close together is a star cluster. With many more stars it is a galaxy.

A collective noun for a group of stars is a cluster of stars (small group) and a galaxy of stars (large group).

That must refer to an OPEN CLUSTER; according to the Wikipedia article on "Star clusters", such open clusters "usually contain up to a few hundred members [i.e., stars]".

If the group is large enough, "galaxy" or "dwarf galaxy."

In astronomy, a constellation is a specific group of stars which has been given a name. In astrology, the relative position of stars or group of stars that are said to influence people or events. In general, a group of things, ideas, events, or characteristics that are related in some way.

a group of stars is galled a constellation

The group is known as a constellation.

There are 5 stars in the original grouping of stars given the name 'Cancer'. There are 73 stars within the current boundaries of the constellation. There are 7 named stars in the entire group.

Not sure what you mean... The name of the group of stars would also be the "Southern Cross". Edit: I think this question may refer to a famous star cluster called the "Jewel Box".

A group of fixed stars is called a constellation.

the dancing stars or somin like that

A group of stars. Constellations aren't actually connected stars.

The Local Group is a group of over 54 galaxies. Each has billions and billions of stars. All together, there is about 1.5 trillion stars in the local group.

The collective noun for a group of stars which form a pattern is a constellation of stars.

a name of a group of stars that mantain the same position to one another permanently. Orion is an example of a constellatioin.

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