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The narrator of Jonathan Swift's "A modest Proposal" is the proposer.

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Q: The narrator of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal is?
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The narrator of Jonathan swifts a modest proposal is what?

A Modest Proposal was written in 1729 by Jonathan Swift. It is written about the crop failures in Ireland. The narrator is satirical.

The narrator of johnathan swifts a modest proposal is?

You're Mother's anus

What problem does the narrator call attention to in the first paragraph of Jonathan Swifts a modest proposal?

He calls attention to the noticeable view of woman and children beggars; How woman aren't able to afford for their own children, who they had conceived.

What is swifts attitude towards england is the story a modest proposal?

Chicken nuggets

Example of Jonathan swifts in satire?

In "A Modest Proposal", Jonathan Swift "advocated" eating babies as a way to solve the problems of famine in Ireland at that time. He was not serious of course but it was done as a way of ridiculing England's policy at that time of starving the Irish.

What group of people are singled out as special targets for swifts attack in A Modest Proposal?

Omg! You don't know the answer?? Me either!

What satirical work from the 18th century criticizes English landlords treatment of Irish tendents?

swifts a modest proposal

What was Jonathan Swifts sisters name?

Taylor Swift is Jonathan Swifts sister.

What is swifts proposal in a modest proposal?

Eat children to decrease population. However, he is not serious when he says this. He is only trying to point out how ridiculous some proposals are and to get the attention of those to realize all taking place in Ireland.

What was Jonathan Swifts term for a boorish lout in Gulliver's Travels?

Yahoo is Swifts boorish lout

When was Jonathan Swifts first publication year?


What was Jonathan Swifts favourite book?

James and the Giant Peach.

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