The northeastern side of Asia is very sparsely populated for what geographic reason?

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Tundra and subarctic climate dominate the environment
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Why is Australia a sparsely populated country?

Australia Is A Sparsely Populated Area Because.... Australia Is Mostly Desert. There is a fair amount of grassland but most of the area is desert and deserts are not great places to live.

Sparsely populated areas?

Sparsely populated areas - 0 to 9 people per square kilometer Eg. Sahara Desert - North America, Amazon forest area - Brazil, Northern Plain - Canada.

Why is Australia sparsely populated?

Most of Australia is either arid or semi-arid, with no regular rainfall and no permanent surface water. The major population centres are along the east and south-east coasts, with a few other habitable areas in the south-west and far north.

Why is Mongolia so sparsely populated?

The geography of Mongolia is not conducive to supporting a large population. Average temps over most of the country are below freezing for half the year. Elevation and precipitation cause most of the country to be covered in treeless Steppe. Less than 1% of the country is arable, that is why the ( Full Answer )

Why is Greenland sparsely populated?

Greenland is a cold place, somewhat resembling Antarctica. It is winter all-year round, and its lowest recorded temperature is -66°C. . It is difficult to build an igloo or a house there unless you are highly-skilled in architecture. . Greenland is huge, and the centre parts of the island are h ( Full Answer )

Why is russia so sparsely populated?

Russia is one of the least populated countries in the world. Lowbirth rates and abnormally high death rates caused the populationto decline. Alcohol is blamed for half the deaths of among Russiansaged 15 to 54.

Why are the highlands sparsely populated?

highland regions are very cold, it will get colder whent its getting higher. so not all people can adopt to the weather that on highland. as well as that no people migrate to it.

What is a sparse population?

Sparse population means that the population density is very low. Population density is the number of people per square kilometer or mile. In order to find out country's density you have to divide the area by the population. For example Macau has a over 16000 ppl per square km, while Mongolia has onl ( Full Answer )

Why is Canada sparsely populated?

A variety of factors affect population densities. Two possible reasons for Canada's sparse population density may be that it is simply a large country, and that many regions experience extreme physical conditions.

Why is Mongolia sparsely populated?

Mongolia always had a small population. If you look back to the age of Ghengis Khan there were barely a million of Mongols. And if you trace them further back to the Huns age with Attila, they didn`t number much more than a million eighter. Did you know Huns are ancient Mongolians, and the word Hun ( Full Answer )

Why equatorial regions are sparsely populated?

As there is extreme temperature during day it is very difficult for man to adopt to it. Due to it's oppressive and enervating climate it has been difficult for man to survive and develop in this region.

Why is Falkland islands sparsely populated?

A lot of areas are sparsely populated for many reasons. Some reasons (that are present for the Falklands) is that it is somewhat cut off and separated from major civilization and it does not have a great climate [it is generally cold year round].

Is Australia densely or sparsely populated?

Given the size of the Australian continent, it is sparsely populated. This is because around 44% of the continent is classed as desert, and virtually uninhabitable, while another 22% is semi-arid, and useful only for cattle properties. Most of the population is concentrated in cities and towns along ( Full Answer )

What is the climate of Northeastern Asia?

It depends on latitude. 0-10N--Tropical Climate. 10-30N(give it or take) , Tropical monsoon,30-45N-subtropics monsoon climate,45-60N,Temperate monsoon.

Is Greece densely or sparsely populated?

Depends on what region of Greece you are in. If you are in Athens, Thessaloniki, or some of the other more populated cities it becomes pretty dense. However rural Greece on the other hand is sparsely populated.

Why is the west of Ireland sparsely populated?

There would be lots of reasons. The main ones would be that the land is not so good there and there are not as many jobs there. The largest city in Ireland is Dublin which is on the east coast. So lots of people live in or close to Dublin, meaning that the population there is larger. Many people ( Full Answer )

Why are some areas sparsely populated?

The points are both Human and Physical features... The places might be in a drought or famine, limited jobs opportunities, Low in resources, volcanic activity, extremely hot or cold places, expensive housing/not affordable, poor reception or signal extremely wet places, infertile soil for farming, ( Full Answer )

Are the Himalayas densely or sparsely populated and why?

Sparsely populated. Because it is mountainous therefore toodifficult for settlement, the mountains also make it very bad forcommunication. The soil is too thin and poor for crops. There is hardly anyvegetation, extreme weathers of tropical climates and freezing climates. Also in case of avalanches.

Is Japan sparsely populated?

No. Japan has over 5,751 people per square mile. At about the size of California, it has over 127 million people (1.9 percent of world population).

Why Central Australia sparsely populated?

i think central Australia is sparsely population because there arenot many service stations such as police station's, hospitals, firestations ...... etc and most importantly there are not many housesfor people to live in and the land is very dangerous to buildhouses. the land is not flat there house ( Full Answer )

What is the most sparsely populated continent?

Antarctica is the least populated continent, but it really has no people whatsoever. Australia is the least populated if you were looking for one that actually has people living on it. Hope that helps!

Why is the desert sparsely populated?

A desert is sparsely populated because it is to hot you will catch heat stroke. There is no water nearby to drink and you will get dehydrated. No flat land to grow crops on and you wont get no money. No shops nearby to by food then your stave and finally no flat land to build houses on.

Where does US have a sparse population?

The population of the US is mainly situation in the Eastern US. However, California and Texas, two Western states, hold the two largest populations in the country.

Is Canada's population distribution sparse?

That depends on how you define sparse. In general compared to the United States it is. In terms of the amount of land as compared to the amount of people it is. Most of the population is concentrated along the border, though. Also there are parts of Vancouver that are more densely populated than man ( Full Answer )

Why is Namibia so sparsely populated?

Namibia is a small country and most of it is desert. The desertland is one of the biggest reasons why Namibia is so sparselypopulated because you cannot build on sand and water is scarce. Itis a poor country because of this.

Why is the ice land are sparsely populated?

The harsh climate and environment of the ice lands make them difficult to live in. The snow and ice which remains for most, if not all of, the year makes it difficult to grow crops and raise animals for food and other resources. In addition, many other normal activities of towns are harder than usua ( Full Answer )

Why is Yukon sparsely populated?

Because the weather sucks, it is dangerous, and there are few resources available to people up there, except for oil, shale gas, and bitumen. But, we are able to truck/ship necessities up to the people and workers up there, so that people can live there.

Is Kenya densly or sparsely populated?

in the north and south of Kenya it is sparsely due to climate and relief in the western and central of Kenya and of course Nairobi is densely, so its different in different areas of Kenya. hope this helps xx :)

Why is New York such a sparse population?

"Sparse" means " Thinly dispersed or scattered". New York City is the opposite. It has the highest density of any major city in the US with 27,547 residents per square mile.

What does 'sparsely populated' mean?

Sparsely populated simply means that there aren't very many people living there. Usually this is because the climate (desert, polar region) or the terrain (mountaintop, swamp) makes it difficult to support a large population. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

Why are mountainous regions sparsely populated?

Mountainous terrain is mostly hard to settle on due to the lack ofresources and land for farming etc. needed to seed a population. Inaddition, transport is often difficult, so a lack of inwardmigration, jobs and trade and just a few factors.

Why is the Republic of Ireland sparsely populated?

Most of the population live in the east, in and around Dublin and other major towns on or near the east coast. That part of Ireland is not sparsely populated. Much of Ireland is rural, so not as many people live there. The quality of land in some parts is good, but in other parts, particularly the w ( Full Answer )