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i suggest taking it to the shop sounds like a blown head gasket it'll cause ur engine to lock up

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Why is gas mixing with oil?

It keeps the internal parts lubricated

What is a purpose of the cell membrane?

It keeps the contents of the cell from mixing into the environment and dispersing.

A liquid takes the shape of its container and keeps the same?

It Keeps The Same Volume. -Daija.

What is the function of a cork?

It keeps the liquid in and air out.

What is the liquid that keeps your body warm?

Your blood. :)

What is the significance of mixing chicken liver with sand in an experiment?

Keeps it from having to much glycogen

What keeps the waters of the Sargasso Sea from mixing with the rest of the Atlantic Ocean?

The fast moving currents.

The force that keeps the interior of the earth liquid?

pressure :)

Is frosting a liquid or a solid?

Its a liquid because a solid keeps the same shaper and frosting doesn't so it is confirmed as a liquid.

What is the purpose of a thermostatic mixing valve?

The purpose of a thermostatic mixing valve is to mix hot water with cold water. This is what keeps the constant temperature in both bath and shower water.

What is the function of the septum separating the left and right ventricle?

It keeps the oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood from mixing.

What is the force that keeps the interior of the earth liquid?

i have no idea why are you asking me?

What is the upward force that keeps an object floating on a liquid?


What keeps the inner core in a liquid state?

Temperature - and pressure.

Do Ignition coils contain a liquid?

Oil. It keeps them cooler

What keeps the spitzer space telescope cool?

Liquid Helium

A liquid take the shape of it container and keeps the same what?


Does rice keeps ice from melting?

No, it is not possible.

How does air pressure affect the boiling point of a liquid?

Air pressure keeps liquid molecules from escaping as a gas.

What is hydration and why is it important?

hydration is when you drink liquid and it keeps your system hydrated.

What force keeps the interior of the earths liquid?

Yhnfyjyjhnjkhcc bft dzgmkl

How does the alcohol based liquid to clean windshields help keep the water in the cleaning fluid from freezing on the windshield?

Because alcohol has a lower freezing point than water. By mixing it with water, you lower the waters freezing point. So it keeps the water from freezing on the windshield.

Something that keeps the same volume but fills the shape of its container is called?

A liquid.

What is the change water form a liquid to a gas?

Group of objects that keeps it shape

What do you do when you get a girl a gift and you have heard from her since?

And you haven't heard from her since? depends on the gift. She probably keeps a distance because of the awkwardness. Give it some time.