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The organ of corti is located where?

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Where corti organ located?

The organ of Corti is located in the Cochlea. The Cochlea is in the inner ear, it is the snailed-shaped, spiral tube that contains the organ of Corti, the receptor for hearing.

The organ of Corti is located in the?

The Organ of Corti is located in the inner ear and is helpful in processing auditory stimuli.

Where are the receptors for hearing located?

organ of corti

Where is the organ of corti located?

It is in the inner ear.

The true organ of hearing located in the cochlea is called the?

organ of Corti

Are the hearing receptors located in the organ of corti?


Where are bipolar amacrine and ganglion cells located?

Organ of corti

In what part of the ear does transduction occur?

Organ of Corti Organ of Corti

Are the malleus incus and stapes parts of the Organ of Corti?

NO. The malleus, incus and stapes are the three auditory ossicles of the middle ear. The Organ of Corti are located in the inner ear.

What is the bottom structure of the Corti organ?

The bottom structure of the Corti organ is the basilar membrane

Hair cells that function as hearing receptors are located?

spiral organ of Corti

The organ of corti is the organ of what sense?


Which part of ear is concern with hearing?

The inner ear where the spiral organ of Corti is located in the basilar membrane. This is the organ for hearing.

Is the organ of corti the organ of hearing?

Basically, yes. The organ of Corti contains the hearing receptors (little hairs) that allow us to hear.

What part of the ear contains the organ of corti?

The organ of Corti is housed in an inner ear structure known as the cochlea.

The receptor organ for hearing is the?

spiral organ of Corti

What is the receptor organ for hearing?

Organ of Corti is the hearing organ and it rests on basilar membrane; consists of supporting cells and hair cells. Axons of the neurons that begin around the organ of Corti, extend in the cochlear nerve to the brain to produce the sensation of hearing.

What are three auditory receptors?

one is the inner and outer hair cells located on the Organ of Corti of the Cochlear

What does the cochlea do in the ear?

The cochlea houses the Organ of Corti, which is responsible for the actual hearing. The cochlea also transfers the sound to the organ of corti.

Where are the receptor cells located?

It depends on what the receptor cells are for. If they are for vision, they are located in the retina of the eye. If they are for hearing, they are located in the organ of Corti, and so on and so forth.

The hearing receptors are contained within the?

Organ of Corti (spiral organ)

What is the organ of hearing which lies in the snail shaped cochlea?

Organ of corti

What contains the organ of Corti?

Cochlear duct

Contains the organ of corti?

cochlear duct

What kind of receptor is the organ of corti?