The origin of A sop to Cerberus?

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The expression "a sop to Cerberus" means paying an insignificant price in exchange for averting much discomfort.

This is derived from Greek Mythology.

Cerberus was the three headed dog who guarded the entrance to Tartarus, the Greek Underworld (also sometimes known as Hades). The feeding of cake to the monster allowed the dead to pass into the Underworld, therefore the expression.

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Q: The origin of A sop to Cerberus?
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What does a sop to Cerberus mean?

A sop to Cerberus means to find a way around something or a way to avoid something.

A sop to Cerberus?

In the tale of Cupid and Psyche she gives him a cookie and he accepts it. What a Sop to Cerberus means is to give a gift to very troublesome person.

What is a sop to Cerberus?

A sop to Cerberus is when someone bribes you to do something •~•~•~•~•~•history•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ Cerberus was a three headed dog and was a monster in Greek mythology. He guarded the gates of the underworld so only dead people could get in, however, he didn't go because he wanted to, he was bribed. A sop is a cake, or a honey cake. Cerberus was given this to come down to the underworld. Now, if you're not dead and want to go through the underworld, you can bribe him with honey cake and go through.

What is a sop for Cerberus?

Cerberus (also Kerberos) was the three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades, the infernal region in classical mythology. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to put a slice of cake in the hands of their dead to help pacify Cerberus on the way. This custom gave rise to the idiom "to give a sop to cerberus" meaning to give a gift to quiet a troublesome person.

To throw a sop to Cerberus?

If a person is being troublesome you could offer him a bribe to lessen his effect on the situation. To throw a sop to Cerbrus. This was used in ancient myths as the sop being a bribe to distract the guardian of the underworld so one could sneak past.

Do Cerberus have brothers and sisters?

Cerberus has one brother, the Hydra

Did cerberus ever die?

No, Cerberus was immortal.

Did Hades steal Cerberus?

No, Cerberus was a gift to him.

What is guarded by Cerberus?

The Underworld is guarded by Cerberus.

Where is the whisker from Cerberus on poptropica?

on cerberus's face

Did Cerberus have any symbols?

what are cerberus symbols

What is Sop Tui's population?

The population of Sop Tui is 15,100.

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