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It came from Dictionary of Proverbs by Nathan Bailey (1917).

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You cant teach a old dog new tricks?

In a science expierment my friend did it proved that you cant teach an old dog new tricks! EVEN MORE THAN U CAN TEACH YOUNGER ONES.

You cant teach an old dog new tricks?

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" means that you can't teach older people new,modern, things. I do not agree with that but you might! I am only 11 and I did that in school.

What country does the saying you cant teach old dogs new tricks come from?

The Book of Husbandry, published in England in 1534. In the spelling of the time, the phrase is entered as ' for it is harde to make an old dogge to stoupe'

Who wrote You cant teach an old dog new tricks?

This is a motto from the Aesop's Fable 'The Ass and the Lapdog'.

What tricks can dogs be taught?

anything you want them to but as the saying goes you cant teach an old dog new tricks .be firm and praise the dog when its done as you wanted also do tricks very often

It is fruitless to indoctrinate a super-annuated canine with innovative maneuvers?

you cant teach an old dog new tricks

How can you join gymnastics when you cant even do a cartwheel?

Just go along to a class. They should help you and teach you how to do all sorts of tricks and flips.

What is a simile for You cant teach an old dog new tricks?

Just think like this Say: you can't teach an old(replace with different subject) new(something related to subject) try it

U cant teach an old dog new tricks?

Actually you can. Some dogs just get too lazy to learn tricks, that's why some people believe that phrase. I have a 7 year old dog with another 6 to 7 years to go, and I taught him a new trick within 2 days! He perfected it, and many people consider him old.

What does the proverb you cant teach an old dog mean?

I think you must add : new tricks It means that you can not change someone who has old habbits (generally the bad ones).

How do you teach your tortoise tricks?

You cant actually "train" your turtle like you can train a cat or a dog. But by hanging out with them often they get used to you. although i taught mine to give kisses.

How do you teach a dog a trick when the dog is tired of learning tricks on nintendogs?

Well. simply, you cant. don't waste your time i have tried everything and the only thing you can do is wait a day there are no cheats...

Can you potty train a 7 year old dog?

You have probably heard the saying "You cant teach old dogs new tricks" That however is not true. You can train or potty train a dog at any age.

Did neek teach duddah how to swim underwater?

no, because kids cant teach adults adults have to teach kids

How do you become wizards?

you cant but you can come close if you learn magic tricks

How do you teach Empoleon ice blade?

you cant

Can you teach Hindi spelling to me?

no i cant dufis

How do you teach fables?

u cant really.

Who wrote the phrase keep on keeping on?

The phrase was frequently and widely used in the African American community prior to Curtis Mayfield's use in song. The brilliant Mr. Mayfield was very much an artist that reflected his community and his times and the use of this phrase is just such an instance. The origin? I cant help you. Good luck in your search.

How many tricks can tony hawk do?

its unkown theres so many he can and cant do .

Who invented the phrase you cant help everybody?


How do you teach a bearded dragon how to roll over?

you cant

How do you find a German book to teach German from?

you cant

Can HMS be held by Pokemon?

no they cant hold them but you can teach it to them

How do you teach Charmander acient power?

i think you cant do it