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If parking lights and dash lights are not working and fuse blows out, there might be a problem with battery corrosion. Check the components specific to the circuits of the affected lights. It might be loose.

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Q: The parking lights and dash lights are not working fuse bows out?
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Where is the dash light fuse on a 100 series landcruiser?

If you dash lights are not working check that your parking/brake lights are working also check fuses for cig lighter and interior lights that may help get the dash light working again.

Why are the 1992 safari dash lights not working?

Check to see if the parking lights and tailights are working - if not may be a fuse (same circuit)

Why are Mazda MPV tailights not working when the brake lights work fine?

If parking/dash lights work check bulbs double filamented smaller filament is for tail lights If parking/dash lights do not work check fuse

The parking lights and dash lights are not working on a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Start small. Check your fuses.

GMC JIMMY why are your dash tail and parking lights not working but the brake blinker and head lights work fine?

The GMC dash tail and parking lights are on a different fuse from the brake lights. Check the fuses for a possible blown fuse.

Why are your headlights and tail lights working but your dash lights are not?

If parking and tailights are working could be headlight switch--rheostat for dimming control could be bad

Toyota dash light problems?

Check to see if parking/tail lights are working - same fuse

Why doesn't your dash lights and inside lights on the doors and steering wheel not working on your 2000 ford expedition?

Check parking/tailight fuse

What is wrong with a 1996 Honda Accord if the parking lights and dash lights are out but the fuses and bulbs are OK?

either the switch is not working or a wire to the switch is broken

How do you get dash lights working on 2000 corolla?

Check fuse for parking lights (same circuit) Check bulbs could be a bad headlight switch

Why would your dash lights stay on and your parking lights and brake lights 79 Corvette?

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What would cause the dash lights and parking lights to stop working in a Chevy S10 Blazer?

Probably a blown fuse. What you need to find out is why the fuse blew.

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