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The particular way that writers use language to express themselves and their ideas is their style. Some examples of style include formal, humorous, conversational, or business.

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Why do writers use exclamation marks?

Writers used exclamtion marks to express strong feelings.

The primary purpose for which writers write is to?

to express themselve

The way in which writers express their ideas is called?


What are interjections?

Interjections are words the express the writers feeling.

Tone of the story?

The tone of a story is how writers express their attitude. The written intonation is accomplished by the use of adjectives and can change from chapter to chapter. It is the result of syntax, style, imagery, irony and figurative language.

A thesaurus is used by writers to?

find synonyms for particular words

Why do writers use a thesaurus?

find synonyms for particular words

Why do writers use filipinisms?

Filipino writers are people - they use the language that they hear around them every day.

Where Black artists writers and musicians gathered to express their black culture?


Black artists writers and musicians gathered in to express their black culture?


When do writers use colloquial language?

When writing of course!

What are some characteristics of modern writers?

A. I, II, III, and IVMany modern writers are people who had hard lives. They express their emotion through their writing.

What is the purpose of a writers essay?

.. i think the purpose is to express the feelings on how you speeh in many people

Does The picaresque novel present satire?

The rules governing literature are kept loose on purpose to allow writers the freedom to express themselves in any way they can. So if a writer wishes to combined picaresque with satire they are welcome to do so.

Writers generally use figurative language to?

Writers use figurative language to engage their reader and make the writing more meaningful. It makes writing much more interesting when it is used.

Why do writers use symbols?

Writers use symbols because it is easier for them to express their feelings and is an "emotional shortcut." They may also use them to make their works deeper.

What is one thing that Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare had in common with Dante?

they both (and Dante) were writers in the renaissance of the language writers.

What is 'writers use of language'?

The writer's use of language is their voice. A writer's use of language helps set the tone for the literature they are writing.

Inorder to decide which writers opinons are most credible on a particular subject the reader should look for writers who what?

Site credible references that support their position.

How does the choice of language used by Cervantes and Shakespeare compare to that of Italian writers?

Cervantes chose to write in Spanish because that was the language his readers knew. Shakespeare wrote in English because that was the language his audiences understood. Italian writers wrote and still write in Italian because that is what language their readers read.

Do poetry writers get paid to write poetry?

no -------- Unless they sell publish and sell their poetry, no they will not get paid. Most people do it as a hobby for the beauty of it and a way to express themselves. So it is like will you get paid for drawing something in art class or in your free time..

Can prose writers use figurative language?

yes.The rules on writing are left lax on purpose. To allow writers all the freedom they can handle.

How you can be a writer?

A writer is a person who expresses themselves through all sorts of different pieces. They can be reporters, authors, or script writers. There are all sorts of writers!

How does the choice of language used by Cervantes and Shakespeare compare to that of the Italian writers?

They wrote their stories in the language of their home country.

How do writers use different types of writing to express their ideas?

Writers use any number of writing styles to express ideas. Some like the lecture-type style and prefer nonfiction. Others like the emotional impact of a poem or song. Still other writers like writing fiction and inventing their own worlds. You can write whatever you like - you're the author!