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yes. you are undoubtedly pregnant.

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Q: The past 2 days you have been feeling lightheaded when you take a hot shower can you be pregnant?
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What does it mean if your urine pregnancy test was negative but you have been feeling very lightheaded and nauseated?

that means ur testicle is getting big

What if ive been trying to have a baby for 7 mnths now and now im starting to feel lightheaded and sometimes nausea what does that mean?

you might be pregnant

If you've been feeling lightheaded when you walk or run should you get that checked out?

If it also happens when you stand up could mean low blood pressure I would get it checked out.

You are 7 weeks pregnant and have not been feeling that tired Is this normal?

Perfectly normal.

For the past week you have been feeling tightness and soreness in your stomach?

It Is possibele Iam pregnant

Your boyfriend has been getting hunger pains and you have been feeling nauseous Does this mean that you are pregnant?

Hunger pains? No, nothing you mentioned points toward being pregnant.

Where should your stomach hurt if your pregnant?

i been feeling a kick in my stomach snd i been feeling sick but i seen my period every month and every time i eat it make me sick

What can the problem be if you have abdominal pain a bloated stomach and have been feeling nauseous for the last couple of days?

you are pregnant

Its been real hard for you to get pregnant but for the last weeks now you been feeling really strang could you be pregnant?

I say you should take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor but it is possible you are.

You have been feeling really tired recently headaches and lowerback pain and feeling sick if you havent eaten on time could you be pregnant your period was very light?


Can you get pregnant if you and a guy have been having intercourse for four days in a row and then he didnt shower cause he was staying at your house and you had intercourse with a condom on and off?

yeah. that is kinda gross that he did not shower. but if his sperm gets inside u then yes

Do you feel hungry when you are pregnant?

i think so... i just got my test done and it showed me i am pregnant. I have been feeling abnormally hungry :) so i guess it should be an early sign of pregnancy.

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