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The dimensions are 12 feet by 4 feet


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the length of a rectangular garden is 2 feet longer than 3 times it's width .if the perimeter of the garden is 100 feet find the width and length of the garden

If the perimeter is 84 feet and the length is twice the width, then the length will be 28 feet and the width will be 14 feet.

Only one way to find out: measure the width and the length of the garden, add them together and multiply by two which gives the perimeter of the rectangular garden.

9 feet by 9 feet would hold true for its perimeter and area.

If the area of the garden is 81 square feet and the perimeter is 36 feet, the solution is that the garden is a square 9 feet x 9 feet, where 4 x (side) =36.

The answer depends on the dimensions of the garden as well as how wide the fence panels are. Without the information, it is pointless to try and answer the question.

if one sides of the garden is 5ft what is the perimeter of the garden

It must be a very small garden but the width is 10 cm and the length is 14 cm

Let the length be 2x-3 and the width be x:- So: 2*(2x-3+x) = 82 feet => 6x-6 = 82 => x = 14 and 2/3 Therefore the dimensions are: length = 26 ft 4 ins and width = 14 ft 8 ins

A farmer wants to fence a rectangular garden whose perimeter is 60 yards. The length of the garden exceeds twice the width by 6 yards. What are the length and width of the garden?

Okay - the perimeter is 90 feet, and the length is 20. Therefore you have two sides of 20 feet - leaving a remainder of 50 feet. Divided by two - that's 25 feet.

10 by 30 is the average size of a rectangular home garden.

A garden that is square so a by 4 garden. The perimeter would be 16

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