The population distribution and composition of the US when it first became a country can best be described as?

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spread along the East Coast and consisting of 20% people of African decent and the rest primarily of western and northern European ancestry.

How has climate affected regional population distribution in the US?

Answer . Climate affects regional population distribution in the U.S. the same as it does everywhere. People seek out climates they find pleasant, and in which they can feed and house themselves with consistent security and safety. As technological advances enable mankind to overcome limitations ( Full Answer )

What was the date that the US became a country?

Some people say it's 1776, others say it's 1783, and others say it's 1787. I would say that America became a country in 1791. That's when the Bill of Rights was added to the constitution.

How did china became the most populated country?

The population grew because of how many factories are located in China and factories need people to operate them and it doesn't make sense to have the job you work at daily in China and live in the US.

What does Population distribution describe?

Population Distribution is the measure of people in a certain area. To be specific it looks at if the people living in a certain area are all clumped together or if they are evenly spread apart. In most cases, people are clumped together because they are attracted to the features of the land. For ex ( Full Answer )

The US can best be described as having a?

The US can be best described as having a capitalistic system.Businesses and individuals are able to go after their dreams ofearning money.

What man became the first US billionaire?

Based on the profits of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey,John D. Rockefeller became the billionaire in the United States. Heretained his wealth, however, in 1911, his new company called theStandard OIl Trust, was found to be in violation of various newantitrust laws and he divested much of the ( Full Answer )

Why is it useful to understand population distribution and density patterns?

think of your state. if everyone lived in one consintrated area would it be healthy, productive, clean, have enough food and water? what would make everyone live there and not other places? Patterns help in knowing tax basis, educational needs, distribution of foods and services

What flag did the us have when they became a country?

The flag was like the US's flag today, 13 red and white stripes, in the top left corner a blue background, with white stars. Only their were 13 stars, for the 13 colonies. The stars were in a circle. As the US adopted more states, more stars were added.

Who became first vice-president of the US?

John Adams was the first vice-President of the United States. He also became the second President after Washington's voluntary two terms.

The economy of the US is best described as?

The United States economy is still best described as a mixedeconomy. It is considered thus because it involves the public,private, and international sector.

What is the date that US became an independent country?

I believe that the United States did not officially become an independent country until the Treaty of Versailles was signed on September 3rd, 1783.. From the first seeds that grew out of the propaganda document that Thomas Paine published entitled 'Commonsense' in January 1776, there came the draft ( Full Answer )

What became fourth most populated country in the world?

The fourth most populated country in the world is Indonesia, with an estimated population of over 240 million.. Indonesia is the largest independent island nation in the world, and shares three of its islands with other countries. Borneo with Malaysia and Brunei, Timor with East Timor, and New Guin ( Full Answer )

Describe the steps by which England became a protestant country?

The first step of England's shift to Protestantism was Henry VIII'sbreak from the Catholic church. Henry wanted to divorce his wife,Catherine of Aragon, so he denounce Catholicism and founded thechurch of England. His son Edward VI continued Protestantism buthad a short rule. He died in 1553 and his ( Full Answer )

What colony became our first US state?

This may be a trick question. The state of Delaware often claims (as on its license plates) to be "the first state", because it was the first state that voted to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787, and that may be what you are expected to answer. In fact, it is the common way of listing the "ord ( Full Answer )

The US Constitution is best described as a?

The U.S. Constitution can best be described as a plan describingthe organization and operation of a central government. It alsosets state and central government powers apart.

Describe the population density and distribution of population in the United Kingdom?

The population of the UK is incredibly dense near major cities such as London, Portsmouth and Liverpool. The density is at least 200 people per km 2 near these cities. Outside these areas the density generally varies between 11 to 100 people per km 2 . In central Wales and most of Scotland the popu ( Full Answer )

Population distribution describes the?

relation of people to the physical features and to each other The population distribution and composition of the United States when it first became a country can best be described as spread along the East Coast, consisting of approximately 20% of people of African descent and the rest primarily of ( Full Answer )

How did US became of the First World?

It's unclear really who coined the terms first, second, and third world. They were commonly used during the Cold War to refer to capitalist countries, communist countries, and all remaining countries, respectively. Since the US was the leading capitalist country during the Cold War, they got to be t ( Full Answer )

What best describes the population distribution of the US?

The population distribution of the United States is best described as primarily found in cities, especially in the Northeast and along the coasts. Around 75% of Americans live in cities or suburbs, which makes the United States a highly urbanized country. The economic activities of cities that provi ( Full Answer )

What best describes the population of Antarctica?

One hundred percent of the population of the Antarctic continent istemporary workers who are supported by their governments to studythe health of planet earth. Generally, for each scientist, thereare seven workers who support the scientific work.

How many states when US became a country?

There were 13 original states or colonies as they were called then. This fact is also recognized in the number of the stripes in the country's flag. There 13 stripes in the U.S. flag , 7 red, 6 white, recognizing the original 13 colonies. There are 50 stars which recognize the number of states which ( Full Answer )

What best describes US Grant?

When you ask a question in the form "Which of the following", you must provide some options.

Which country became the first republic nation?

Ancient Rome. It declared itself a republic after the citizens overthrew the Etruscan rulers. The republic lasted until shortly after the death of Julius Caesar, when his heir, Augustus Caesar was declared the first emperor and Rome was designated as an empire. In the modern age, republicanism becam ( Full Answer )

What best describes why many people became Jesus followes?

Because many of them recognized Jesus as the Son of Jehovah their God, the Creator of the whole Universe and everything in it. . They recognized Jesus as the long-promised Messiah; and the seed of Abraham, by which 'all the nations of the earth' would be blessed. . They recognized Jesus as the one ( Full Answer )

What best describes the population of US and Europe?

- both populations are predominately European (white) - both populations are predominately Christian - both populations are predominately female - both populations are predominately middle-aged - these populations both have very high life expectancies - these populations both have very high standa ( Full Answer )

How big was Mexico when it first became a country?

It was roughly double the size it has nowadays. When Mexico won itsindependence from Spain in 1821, all the territories it possessedincluded Mexico, most of Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador,Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) as well as today's US States ofCalifornia, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Ari ( Full Answer )

What is best describes the US Constitution?

The Constitution is a set of restrictions and limitations on the Federal government. It's pretty clear; Article 1 Section 8 list 18 "Enumerated Powers" of the Congress, and the 9th and 10th Amendments plainly say "And no others!"