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The power window in the front of a Buick Century are not working is there a way to get this window up?


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2010-03-06 19:19:01
2010-03-06 19:19:01

Sometimes you can jar the brushes to make contact on the motors for ONLY ONE TIME. Hit the inside of the door about 6 inches from the bottom about equedistant from the front and rear with your fist pretty hard. Try this a couple of times and it may work. If not you have to get inside the door.

You can also use a small 12 volt battery like a lawnmorer or motorcycle battery You hook up some wires to the battery terminals .Remove the switch and on the inside you will see some contact points where the wires are hooked up. Just touch the wires from the battery and presto the window will go up or down you just have to see which contacts move the window in which direction. This works like a charm


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