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No, the president does not have to do what they reccomend, but he can if he wants. A lot of the time he does.

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Does the president do what his advisors recommend?


What name is given to presidential advisers?

Presidential advisors can have a variety of different titles. These include:Assistants to the PresidentCounselors to the PresidentMilitary aides to the PresidentNational Security AdvisorsPersonal Secretaries to the PresidentSenior Advisors to the PresidentCounselsetc.

What is the cabinate?

the advisors for the president

How does the Executive Office of the President serve the president?

They are advisors for him

What is is the name of advisors to the president?

the cabinet.

What are people of the cabinet?

The advisors of the President.

What is the group of advisors for the president?

his cabinet

Group of special advisors to the president?

the cabinet

What are the informal advisors of the president called?

Kitchen Cabinet

What are the chief group of advisors to the president called?


What are the president and vice president's advisors?

Alfred hitchcock

Who were president Andrew Jackson advisors?

Kitchen Cabenet

What is the presidents advisors?

The President's advisor are the Cabinet members, the White House Chief of Staff, and the Counselor to the President. In addition, the President has Senior Advisors who act as public liaison.

Who chooses a party's candidate for vice president?

Advisors select and choose a vice president.

Who was the President who sent soldiers to South Vietnam as advisors?

Dwight D. Eisenhower sent soldiers to South Vietnam as advisors.

What happens to the executive branch in times of crisis?

Often, the president and his top advisors gather in the situation room to keep abreast of the situation. The president almost always addresses the nation in response to any crisis.

What is the main group of advisors in the executive branch?

Vice President

Who writes the stimulus bills?

the president along with his financial advisors

The advisors in the executive branch who help the president is called the?


Executive branch consists of?

President, VP, and his cabinet (advisors).

Who was the president who sent the 1st military advisors to Vietnam?


Who was the first president to send Military Advisors into Vietnam?


The key personnel and political advisors to the president are part of the?


Which president began the practice of meeting with his advisors?

George Washington

What do we call a group of advisors to the president?

I understand it is monarch