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Generally speaking, if you can get by with an inkjet printer, buy one which uses ink cartriges that are refills. These are the lowest cost ink cartridges.

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What are the cheapest ways to save on printer cartridges?

The cheapest way to save on printer cartridges, would be to purchase refill kits and refill one's printer cartridges. One could also go to Costco and have them fill the cartridges at a cheap price.

Pricey Printer Toner Cartridges?

It is often said that it doesn't matter how cheap the printer is because the real sticker price is the price of the printer toner cartridges. The printer toner can be very expensive to replace and it can get used up rather quickly if you are printing a lot of documents or pictures. You can refill cartridges, but it can be a pain to deal with. You can recycle your cartridges for a small discount.

How much are replacement ink cartridges for my printer?

Every printer brand has different costs for ink cartridges. They can range anywhere from around $10 to $50. You can go to bestbuy.com and type in your ink cartridge number and it will give you the price.

Are printer ink cartridges interchangeable for the same printer brand but different model number?

No they are not interchangeable. Printer companies do this on purpose to ensure that you can only buy a certain type of printer ink, and can jack up the price accordingly.

Are colour laser printers more expensive than inkjet printers?

The original purchase price of a color laser printer is very comparable to an inkjet printer. The additional difference in price comes when you purchase the ink cartridges are the laser cartridges are higher in price.

Does Dell sell P1500 Laser printer cartridges?

"Yes, Dell does sell laser print cartridges for the P1500 laser printer. The price of the cartridge depends on the number of pages each cartridge can print and whether or not you plan to participate in the cartridge recycling program."

Where can I get printer toner cartridges for a good price?

Inkjet Printer Cartridges - Good sites. Atlascopy.com. The site is not all that user friendly but the prices are low and they have the best inkjet FAQ in the business.

What is the average price of a Lexmark Printer Cartridge?

It really depends what type of printer you have, but most of the time they go for about $10-20, depending on what make the printer is, whether the cartridges are colour or black and white, the amount of ink inside the actual cartridges, and of course the quality of the ink or cartridges themselves.

How much do HP Printer Cartridges usually cost?

HP printer cartridges vary in price, individual cartridges are around twenty dollars, give or take. They also sell twin packs and commonly paired sets for printers at nearly double.

Disadvantage of inkjet printer?

The biggest disadvantage of having an inkjet printer is price. It can be very expensive to replace ink cartridges in inkjet printers.

What are some Laserjet Printer Cartridges prices?

The price of a Laserjet Printer Cartridge depends on many factors like what amount of money the seller wants and where the buyer purchases the item. Average prices of a Laserjet Printer Cartridges is around $40 up to $500.

What retail stores sell laser printer cartridges at a low price?

If you have an HP laser printer, I suggest you buy it directly from HP online store. I find it cheaper to get laser printer cartridges from them for my HP laser printer. If you have a different brand of laser printer, amazon is a good place to start if you're looking for a cheaper laser printer cartridge.

Where do I go to sell my empty lasertject printer cartridge which is now umpty?

You can sell empty laserjet printer cartridges to ink recycling stores. These facilities also can refill your ink cartridges for half the price of a new cartridge.


Ink cartridges for the Epson R300 print can vary in price depending on where it is bought and its yeild. Price should range between $13.00 and $66.00.

What does Cartridge World in the UK sell?

Cartridge World refills your ink cartridges and even laser printer cartridges. They offer their services at a discounted price compared to that of their competitors.

What is the average price range for Hewlett Packard color printer cartridges?

The average price range for a Hewlett Packard color printer cartridge depends on the type of printer you have. If it's an Inkjet printer it would be around $20-$50. For a Laserjet it could be as high as $72-$200.

Can you buy another ink cartridge for your dell V105 printer?

ofcourse you can! my friend does all the time. You can save your valued money by purchasing compatible ink cartridges for any Dell printer. Because compatible ink cartridges are cheaper as compare to the original one.Second thing different sellers offer different price for compatible cartridges so take care and do a little search before ordering dell ink cartridges.3rd and important thing for latest printer models, the price of ink cartridges are relatively high, but with passage of time it decreases.

How much can be saved by purchasing discount cartridges for a Lexmark Z32 printer?

Savings when purchasing cartridges for a Lexmark Z32 printer can vary from 10% of the actual price to even 50%, precisely depending upon the place one is buying the ink from.

Where can I find the best ink print cartridges?

When looking for new ink print cartridges, Make sure you know the type you need, Also the model number and any other information you can give. To find the best price and cartridge you need for your printer.

What is the price of inkjet printer ink cartridges?

The average cost that I was able to find for inkjet printer ink cartridges was right around six or seven dollars for a single cartridge. However, there were some more expensive ones that were right around $20.

Why are printer ink cartridges so expensive?

Ink companies claim that they fairly price their cartridges according to the costs of making the ink and cartridge. Some ink companies also place a chip inside so the printer can track the amount of ink remaining.

What model cartridges fit an HP LaserJet 4V printer?

The model ink cartridges that are compatable witth an HP LaserJet 4V printer are (C)00A laser cartridge, and (C)3900A laser cartridge. They price at around å£110 each.

Where can I find a printer for my laptop at an affordable price?

Anywhere that sells computers and laptops should sell printers for them. I went to Wal-Mart to buy refills for my old printer and found a new cannon printer for as much as it cost to replace ink cartridges in my old printer, so I just bought that instead and it came with full ink cartridges as most printers do.

Avoiding Costly Ink Cartridges?

Printer ink cartridges generally last a few months, but replacements are costly. Many ink-jet printers require a separate black and colored ink cartridge to print colored documents. For those who do a lot of printing, the cost of ink cartridges can be more than the printer itself in a few months. Remanufactured ink cartridges provide quality cartridges at a discounted price. Kits are also available to refill ink cartridges.

Refill Your Ink Cartridges?

If you are looking for inks cartridges for your printer, you may be a little dismayed over the price of ink nowadays. Printer cartridge prices have skyrocketed in recent years because printer companies know that everyone needs printer ink nowadays, no matter what your career, what your age and no matter where you work. Rather than paying full price in an office supply store, try taking your old ink cartridge to someone who can refill it.

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