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Hydrogen,methadane,water vapor.

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The primitive Earth atmosphere is hypothesized to have consisted mostly of?

Hydrogen,mathane ammonia and water vapor.

What gas did the atmosphere lack in primitive earth?


What gas was lacking in the atmosphere of primitive earth?


What did the primitive atmosphere differ from today's atmosphere on Earth?

The primitive atmosphere was mainly composed of CO2. However, with the emergence of life, this CO2 was reduced in photosynthesis and increased Oxygen. Now our atmosphere is mainly composed of Nitrogen.

Without ozone layer the simple organic molecules that was formed in primitive Earth would be destroyed by the radiation of you-v ray Why we say that there was no ozone layer in primitive earth's atmos?

There was an ozone atmosphere on primitive Earth, but not an ozone layer which was formed further on. The primitive atmosphere on the surface of the Earth mostly composed by ozone was pushed upwards by the oxygen formed by dead organisms. That primitive ozone atmosphere on the surface of the Earth protected the forming microorganisms from the UV radiation. JamesWest09

How did the primitive atmosphere differ from todays atmosphere on earth?

The primitive atmosphere was filled with hydrogen and had very little oxygen. It also contained ammonia and methane. This type of gas could not have supported human life.

Which moon has an atmosphere very similar to early earth?

Its titan , satellite of Saturn , having large amount of nitrogen and methane , same as primitive earth

What were primitive earth conditions?

There weren't any "primitive" earth conditions.

Which substance was not found in the atmosphere of primitive Earth?

Oxygen was not found in the atmosphere of primitive Earth. It is so reactive that it became locked up in compounds at the time of Earths formation. These compounds were varied, but the bulk of them were mineral oxides, silicates, carbon dioxide and water. Free oxygen entered the atmosphere only after the development of blue-green algae, which produced oxygen from carbon dioxide.

What role have volcanoes played in the evolution of life?

After loss of the hydrogen, helium and other hydrogen-containing gases from early Earth due to the Sun's radiation, primitive Earth was without an atmosphere. The first atmosphere was formed by gases leaking out from the interior of the early Earth, which still goes on today in volcanoes. Without an atmosphere, life would not have formed.

How did primitive algae make it possible for other planets and animals to develop on earth?

Mainly by photosythesis that converted the CO2 in the poisonous early atmosphere, into oxygen.

If all life on Earth were to cease the atmosphere would revert to its primitive oxygen-poor composition and become poisonous to modern plants and animals?


How did plants get on earth?

It is hypothesized that plants derive from early photosynthetic protists, such as algae.

Was Earth colonized by extraterestrial man when there where primitive man on Earth?


Are the five layers of the atmosphere in earth or out of earth?

The atmosphere is above the earth.

Earths position in the atmosphere?

Earth isn't in the atmosphere - the atmosphere is part of Earth.

Who was the German scientist who hypothesized that the continents were slowly drifting around the Earth?

alfred wegener

What time period lasted for more than half of the hypothesized history of the earth?


What is the atmosphere of the earth like?

There is not much atmosphere on earth

What part of earth is the atmosphere?

the atmosphere is the gases around the earth

Which is the least dense layer of the Earth?

The atmosphere.The atmosphere.The atmosphere.The atmosphere.

Does Earth have an atmosphere?

Yes, the earth does have an atmosphere. Part of it is the air you breathe.

Is Earth atmosphere abundant in gas?

The Earth atmosphere is formed from gases.

What was the first thing to go to space?

It has been hypothesized that the "first" object from earth the exit the atmosphere and enter space was in fact the moon. However, the first documented man-made object to enter orbit was the Soviet satellite Sputnik, in 1957.

Were the conditions of primitive earth suitable for life?