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The production of gametes is termed gametogenesis. In diploid organisms, it is a process by which diploid or haploid precursor cells undergo cell division and differentiation to form mature haploid gametes. Depending on the biological life cycle of the organism, gametogenesis occurs by meiotic division of diploid gametocytes into various gametes or by mitotic division of haploid gametogenous cells. For example, in vertebrates, meiosis in diploid organisms reduces the number of sets of chromosomes from two to one (i.e., produces haploid gametes from diploid gametocytes). On the other hand, plants may produce gametes through mitosis in gametophytes. The gametophytes grow from haploid spores after sporic meiosis. The existence of a multicellular, haploid phase in the life cycle between meiosis and gametogenesis is also referred to as alternation of generations. Organs that produce gametes are called gonads in animals, and archegonia or antheridia in plants.

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What is it called when two gametes come together to form a new cell?

Fertilization is when the two gametes combine to form a zygote (new cell).

Why do gametes need 12 the number of chromosomes of a regular body cell?

Gametes require half the number of chromosomes of a somatic (regular) cell as gametes are the sex cells. When gametes combine to make a zygote (a fertilised cell), the complete number of chromosomes will be present.

How does meiosis maintain the chromosome number of a species?

Meoisis makes sure that the gametes each have half the number of chromosomes as the parents. When they combine, the new cell will now have the same number of chromosomes as its parents

What Parent cells make gametes in a process called what?

The parent cell that makes gametes by the process of meiotic cell division, is called a germ cell. Meiotic cell division consists of meiosis and cytokinesis.

What the process of egg cell and sperm cell?

The process when an egg cell and a sperm cell COMBINE is called Fertilization

What cell process creates sex cells?

Sex cells, or gametes, are created by the process of meiosis.

What cell process is used to make gametes?

Gametes are Haploid (N) - From a Diploid (2N) cell, a cell must go through meiosis - From another Haploid cell, mitosis must occur to produce another cell.

How many chromosomes do you have in your gametes?

23 Gametes (eggs and sperm) need to have half the normal chromosome number OS that when they combine the create a normal (or diploid) cell with 46 chromosomes.

How do gamates go to the over to offspring?

Gametes are individual DNA strands that all have a pair. In a human, the male has 23 in each sperm cell, and the woman has 23 in each egg cell. When the sperm and egg cell combine, the gametes combine and form matching pairs (not genetically identical) and then a zygote forms. The gametes are what makes up the genetical information of the zygote, which will eventualy grow inot a newborn. These gametes confirm what gender the baby will be, what they will look like ect. These gametes can also pass on disease - for example, a gamete with a mutation that causes down's syndrome.

What age does baby estabilish eye color?

The moment the Gametes combine and a somatic cell is formed, in simpler words the moment the egg combines with the sperm and the chromosomes combine.

What process produces a diploid cell from two haploid cells?

The union of male and female gametes produces a diploid cell. This process is known as fertilization.

What are Gametes formed through?

Gametes are sex cells, formed through the process meiosis in which a cell divides to have half of the normal amount of DNA.

What type cell undergoes the process of meiosis?

Gametes (sex cells) undergo meiosis.

What process occurs only in the information of gametes?

During the formation of gametes - a process called gametogenesis - meiosis is a process which only occurs during this period. Meiosis is a special type of cell division necessary for sexual reproduction.

What does it mean to reproduce sexually?

Sexual reproduction is the process where a sperm cell from a male enters in an egg cell from a woman and creates a fertilized child. Sexual reproduction involves two individuals who combine their sex cells (called gametes) to form a new individual with characteristics of both parents.This union of gametes is called fertilisation. It results in the reproduction of a unique individual.

What process is used to make gametes?

Gametes are produced by a type of cell division called meiosis. Meiosis results in four daughter cells each with half the number of chromosomes of the parent cell.

What is meosis?

It's the process of cell division,two gametes form to make one zygote

How many chromosomes doe s a human body cell have?

46 in a human body cell. 23 in the sex cell e.g. sperm and egg cell (gametes) when they combine you end up with 46 again.

How many gametes in asexual reproduction?

No gametes are formed in asexual reproduction because they are only formed in sexual reproduction. Many cells can come from one cell in asexual reproduction which is really a cloning process, but not gametes.

Do gametes have one allele for each gene?

Gametes contain only one set of chromosomes. They only have one allele for each gene because they are designed to combine with another cell in order to form an organism.

What is A cell that contains half the number of chromosomes called?

A gamete (sex cell). Two gametes combine to form somatic cells and as a result somatic cells have twice as many chromosomes.

What type of cell division produces gametes?

Meiosis is a type of cell division that produces gametes. In meiosis, the process of PMAT occurs twice, producing four genetically different cells instead of two identical ones.

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