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The quickest way to go about getting a nurse anestetist license?

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Related Questions

Does a nurse practitioner need a license?

Yes, a nurse pracitioner needs a license in the US.

Can a registered nurse obtain a liquor license?

can an oklahoma registered nurse obtain a liquor license?

Where do I find information about getting a nursing license?

You can get your nurse license fairly easily, many hospitals and clinics offer programs in which you may recieve your license. You could also go to med school for it.

How long do nurse practitioners take to get their license?

Getting a license as a Nurse Practitioner typically takes 2-4 years after you have received your 4 year degree in a nursing related field. Total time is around 6-8 years.

What license does Fl require for registered nurse?

A nursing license.

Does a nurse need a license or a certificate?

you only need a license

Can a registered nurse in Florida lose their license for driving convictions?

Yes, a registered nurse in Florida can lose their license for driving convictions. A nurse can lose her license if her convictions include DUI and drug or gun possession for example.

What kind of license does a registered nurse need?

a registered nurse license issued by the state board of nursing from the state/states in which he/she practices

Do you need a License to become a baby nurse?

Yes I need a babynurse license.

Why is a nurse license needed?

A nursing license is needed for many reasons. It is needed to establish that you are registered and qualified to be a nurse and treat patients in an nursely fashion

What if you do not have a nursing license?

If you do not have a nursing license for the specific state you are not allowed to work as a registered nurse.

Do you have to have your RN License to become a school nurse?


Can a nurse practice once license has expired?


Is a licensed practical nurse the same as a nurse practitioner?

No. A licensed practical nurse attends vocational school for his or her license. A nurse practitioner has bachelors and masters degrees in nursing.

What type of education is needed to become a registered nurse?

4 years of college to get registered nurse license..

What education is required for being a Pediatric Nurse?

You must have a college degree as an RN (Registered Nurse) or an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) license before becoming a pediatric nurse.

Can you get a license to become a nurse if you have a felony?

i am currently in college and I was just wondering if someone with a felony on there record coulod be a nurse

Do you need a high school diploma to be a vocational nurse?

No, but you must at a minimum have a degree at the Associate Level and a license as a Registered Nurse.

Registered nurse career path?

Getting your daploma and working as a nurse somewhere.

What degree or license does a person need to be a Travel Nurse in Kansas?

To be a travel nurse you must have an RN license for your state. You must have experience and all the certifications that your specialty requires. These can include ALCS, TNCC, and CPR training.

How do you become a hospital nurse?

Get your RN license and apply for a job at a hospital. Not that hard.

What personal qualities and abilities are needed to succeed as an license vocational nurse?


If a nurses son got caught with weed would the nurse lose her nursing license?

Yes, the nurse needs to lose the license. Weed is still illegal on the federal level in all fifty states. Nurse practice act requires us nurses to obey the law. Its that simple. Until the feds change don't do it. I know I worked hard for my license to lose it that way.

Does kate gosselin still have her nurses license?

Yes. She could still be a nurse since she went to college and worked as a nurse for several years.

Why does the nurse stall in Romeo and Juliet?

the nurse stalls because she does not like the whole idea of Juliet and romeo getting married the nurse stalls because she does not like the whole idea of Juliet and romeo getting married