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The LIGHT-DEPENDENT REACTIONS convert light energy into chemical energy.


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light-dependent reactions. such as photosynthesis in green plants.

The phases where light energy is converted into ATP are called light reactions. I don't know if you want information on what happens then or not, though.

The reactions of the first stage of photosynthesis is called Light-Dependent reactions.

The process by which solar energy is converted to chemical energy is called photosynthesis.

The reactions of the first stage of photosynthesis is called Light-Dependent reactions.

Light Reactions and Dark Reactions!

From the sun or other source of light. That is why it is called photosynthesis. Photo means light.

The light reactions of photosynthesis are also called light dependent reactions.

Chemical reactions that absorb energy are called endothermic. Chemical reactions that absorb free energy are called endothermic reactions. Chemical reactions that release free energy are called exothermic reactions.

The exergonic reaction is a chemical reaction that releases energy (photosynthesis). The product of light dependant reactions is called endergonic reaction. It is a chemical reaction that requires energy.

The two stages of photosynthesis are the light dependent and the light independent. During the light reactions, light is converted into energy by a process of transferring electrons to and from a special chemical called NADP. In the light independent stage, called the Calvin Cycle, which uses that energy to change carbon dioxide into sugars for the cell's use.

The study of the rates of chemical reactions is called "chemical kinetics."

Not ALL reactions are chemicals. When chemicals reacte with other chemicals it is called as chemical reactions.

Photosynthesis happens in two stages, also called reactions. The first stage is the light-dependent stage. In this stage light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll and converted into chemical energy, and water is split to produce hydrogen. The unwanted oxygen from the water is released. The second stage is the light-independent stage. In this stage the chemical energy and the hydrogen from the first stage are used to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, such as glucose. More details can be found on this site by searching for photosynthesis.

The carbon fixing reactions that occur in photosynthesis is called the anaplerotic reaction. In most cases, the carbon fixing reactions usually occurs in the marine environments.

Compounds that help chemical reactions are called catalysts.

The sum of chemical reactions in a cell is called metabolism

Compounds that help chemical reactions are called catalysts.

Compounds that help chemical reactions are called catalysts.

enzymes helps control chemical reactions by the chemical in it called collagen when enzymes enter your body they create a chemical reactions and controls the chemical reactions you get by eating too much acids.

light reaction and dark reaction

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