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ok, first, are they aftermarket speakers?? did is all of a sudden stop working?? Do NOT replace anything yet... It may be the wires that connect to them, it's unlikely because wires don't go bad outta nowhere, were you in an accident for them to possible have been cut?? I don't know what kind of tools you have but what i like to do is try connecting the wires to ANOTHER speaker that you KNOW is working. OR if you have a test light, connect the tip to one wire and the ground to the other wire, with that setup, turn on your stereo and have it loud enough to hear. If the lights turns on then the connections are good, if i does not turn on then you have a break. This is pretty simple to test for. Don't just assume that it's the speakers or stereo

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โˆ™ 2007-06-09 02:14:36
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Q: The rear speakers in a 1994 Prism stopped working but the front speakers still work -there is no reception only static. Should the speakers and stereo be replaced?
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