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Yes. Earth appears blue from space because of its relatively dense atmopsher and watery surface. Mars has a much thinner atmosphere and you can see directly through to its surface which is largely reddish brown rock.

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The reddish color of Mars comes from the what in its soil?

The element iron (Fe) in the soil which form oxides of iron (rust) which are reddish-orange colored.

Where does all the reddish color of Mars comes from all the in its soil.?

Well, the color always depends on the atmosphere. For example, Mars surface is a reddish color because, Mars has no oxegen and it is colser to the sun witch makes it red.

What element gives Mars the reddish orange color?

The iron in the soil on Mars gives the planet its red color.

What is the red color in Mars soil?

Mars' soil is red because it's dust, soil and rocks contain reddish iron dioxide.

What makes the surface of Mars a reddish color?

All of the iron in its soil. All of the iron in its soil.

Why is mars often called the red planet?

because iron in the soil gives it a reddish color

Does the reddish color of Mars' surface come from its soil?

Mars's soil is red because it is very rich in iron oxide, or rust.

What color is silty soil?

silt soil is a reddish brown color :)

Why is the planet Mars called Mars?

In ancient Greece, Mars was the Greek god of war. The rocks and soil on Mars are reddish-brown color and looks a little like blood. This is why it was named after the Greek god of war.

What compound in the soil gives mars its reddish hue?

Iron oxide.

What color is Bern Switzerlands soil?

It is reddish brown

Did the soil on mars contains potassium which makes it appear red?

No the iron in the soil gives it the reddish colour.

Is mars red because of sandstone?

No! It is red because of the reddish iron soil.

What color is soil on Venus?

It is a yellowish reddish color follow me on twitter @omg_itslexi

Why don't the other planets have oxygen?

Other planets do have oxygen. Mars gets it's reddish color from the oxygen in its rocks and soil. Its Iron Oxide which is rust. It would be possible to excavate oxygen from Mar's soil.

Soil on Mars?

the rust on mars gives it its red orange color

How did Mars get its reddish spot?

Nearly the entire surface of Mars is reddish due to a high percentage of iron in its soil.The planet Jupiter has a feature called The Great Red Spot, which is thought to be a huge atmospheric storm.

Element that is prevalent in the soil of the planet Mars?

the layer of dust covering the surface is composed mostly of iron oxide, giving mars its reddish colour.

How does soil develop a reddish colour?

Reddish soil is caused by rusting iron particles in the soil.

Iron in the soil that gives this planet its red color?


What planet iron in its soil gives it a red color?


Iron in the soil gives this planet red color?


What planet has iron in its soil gives it a red color?

Mars is known as the red planet. This is because the iron in the soil gives it a red color. Mars is thought to have once had lakes and oceans.

What is the color of Mars?

Many people think that Mars is red but it's actually a butterscotch color. It looks red because of the iron in its soil.

Which planet is called the red planet because of its reddish soil and pink atmosphere?

If you are wondering what the "red planet" is, it is the planet called~ Mars.

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