Employee Development and Training
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The relationship between training and development?

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relationship between training and deveiopment

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Training and development programs differ in that training programs usually are for new employees. The similarities are; training programs help to develop better employees.

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The relationship between the development of agriculture and culture is that both are affected by history and environment.

The difference between training and management development is that training is generally conducted to teach essential skills that are work related. Management development is designed to encourage skills that are used in personal development and business management.Ê

In the workplace, training is done with a new employee. Development is done with an existing employee to further his or her training.

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Xavier Gizard has written: 'Regional development and vocational training analysis and discussion of the relationship development' -- subject(s): Occupational training, Manpower policy 'Regional development and vocational training' -- subject(s): Occupational training, Regional planning

The relationship between culture and development comes from perceptions and beliefs. Some cultures are viewed as being more advantageous for community development than others.

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Human resource managers recruit individuals who are a good fit for the organization. Once recruited, they are trained on the job.

1. Training is for non managerial while, Development is for managerial. 2.Training is developing technical as well as mechanical skills while, Development is concerned with conceptual skills. 3. Training is imparting knowledge related to job while, Development is overall development of a person

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Training means things imposed on an individual to impart information; development means things a person internalizes to progress personally.

training is a process of learning sequence of programmed behaivour. development is a long term educational process utilising systematic and organised procedure

The difference between education, training and development is as follows; Education - What a person has mentaly learned from their high school and college courses, as well as anything they may have mentally learned by the company. Training - The specific skills they learned, or specific skills which were covered during the training process. Development - After the education and training process, development is building upon the basic knowledge and skill the person has with the purpose of improving their performance.

There are many ways you could define training and development. Training is the teaching and development is what is learned or accomplished.

Training can be defined as process of acquiring skill and aquisition.While development could be refers to deloping of human potential. Training can be defined as process of acquiring skill and aquisition.While development could be refers to deloping of human potential.

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Seven factors which determines the effectiveness of training and development process, what are the various roles of training and development

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