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The shoulder strap on the seat belt is stuck on your 96 ford escort LXwd-40 does have to drive listening to it trying to work Can you fix or disable?


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September 13, 2011 3:24PM

I so totally had the same problem. The motor got burned out b/c the gears got all messes up. What you do is:

on the lower part of the middle pillar, just inside the door near the floor, is a little cap or plug. Pop that out, pull out the wiring and disconnect the connector (this disables the motor). Then take an Allen wrench that fits and stick it in the hex nut and turn it (it can be a little hard) and and spin it so that the belt moves all the way back. Be sure to tug in it good when your done to make sure that it is locked. It sure beats listening the the whinning chunking sound :D