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check a page or two back,there's an answer. mine did the same thing and the flasher was just loose.

2007-03-05 03:42:48
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Q: The signal and hazard lights don't work but the bulbs are OK how do I fix the problem?
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Are the turn signal bulbs and hazard bulbs the same bulbs?

Turn signal bulbs and hazard bulbs are the same bulb. When the turn signal is turned on, the indicator light on the dash flashes in tune with the turn signal. When the hazard lights are turned on, an extra fuse which is live, powers the hazard flashers, even if the car is turned off.

Why don't the signal lights and hazard lights work on your 1996 windstar?

Check the bulbs Check the flasher

2001 Chevy Cavalier hazards lights flash but blinkers do not work is it the turn signal bulbs that need to be replaced or the flasher?

If neither signal light works, the flasher may very likely be the problem. The hazard lights and the signal lights work off different flashers.

Why are the brake lights on a 96 ElDorado not working if the fuses and bulbs are good but the hazard lights are bad?

It needs checked out but both the hazard and brake lights go through the turn signal switch.

Why would the brake signal and hazard lights stop working simultaneously in a caprice?

Bad bulbs? Sockets corroded?

What could be the reason for the turn signals not working when the fuses and bulbs for the hazard lights are good?

the turn signal flasher may be the problem moast vehickles have one forturn &one for 4way

Hazard and signal lights stop working?

you should try checking the fuses and replacing the bulbs the fuses for thos lights should only be about a 10 or a 15

How do you determine why you have no directional or hazard lights on a 1994 Jaguar XJS convertible if the bulbs are all good?

Change the turn signal flasher relay.

Why would the signal lights and hazard lights not work have checked bulbs and replaced flasher?

Try the fixes offered in the "Related Question" below... Chances are really good they'll work for you.

If a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse turn signal lights blinks to fast what can be possible problem?

One of the bulbs is burnt out.

Why do the turn signals buzz and not flash but the hazard lights work on a 1991 Isuzu Rodeo if the bulbs and fuses are good?

Try replacing the turn signal flasher

What could be wrong if your left turn signal turns on but does not blink but the right side works?

If you mean that the arrow inside the dash turns on and stays on then your problem is one of the left side turn signal bulbs. Test by turning on your four way (hazard) lights and observing all lights. The one that does not flash is the bulb that needs replacing.

The turn signals and hazards lights do not work how do you fix this problem?

Could be the bulbs or the fuses or the flashers or the signal switch assembly

Why would dash lights flash when turning on left signal indicator?

You may have a "ground loop" problem on the left turn signal. Check the ground wire at the front and rear signal bulbs.

What to do when signal lights are not working?

Either hand signal or check and replace your fuses and turn signal bulbs.

On a 1997 Ford Ranger if one turn signal bulb burns out will this cause the signal lights not to work along with th Hazard warning lights?

No. Only the one bulb will stop functioning. All hazards and other bulbs will continue to function. However, if one bulb is burned out it will cause the indicator on that side to blink faster, indicating that there is a problem.

Why don't your turn signals work when your hazard button broke?

In nearly every case the actual turn signal wires run from the bulbs in the turn-signal housings directly to the hazard switch. This is done to allow the hazard system access to the turn signal bulbs without having to run an additional set of wires out to each bulb just for the hazard system. To make this design work the primary turn signal system feeds the outputs it wants to send to the bulbs, located out in the turn signal housings, into the hazard switch itself. So the hazard switch is actually a multi-pole double throw switch that connects the actual turn signal wires from the bulbs to either the hazard circuit or to the turn signal circuit depending on the position of the switch control button/knob. So if you cannot operate the hazard switch because the knob broke off then it is likely stuck in hazard mode or somewhere in between and it cannot connect the bulbs wires to the turn signal system while in this state.

What would cause the turn signals not to work but the emergency lights to function properly when the bulbs and fuses all seem okay?

Possibility you may have a bad hazard flasher unit or turn signal switch. The cheapest route is to try to replace the hazard flasher unit as your first solution to the problem. Hazard flasher units should only cost you under $10 .

If your signal lights and hazard lights are not working but you've replaced the fuses and bulbs what should you do next?

check the relay and switches if you dont know where they are look at owners manual or a haynes repair manual they help a lot on some stuff

Where is the signal lights flasher located not the hazard lights as they work fine as do the bulbs on a 1994 Chevy cavalier station wagon?

Front seating area, driver side, under dash, mounted on passenger side of steering column.

Hazard lights not working on 1994 Ford F150 how to fix?

A blown fuse would cause the hazard lights not to work on the 1994 Ford F150. It could also be blown bulbs causing the lights not to work.

Signal arrow on left indicator flashes rapidly bulbs ok on holden barina 2005 lights not working?

Turn left indicator signal flashes rapidly when I use indicator, bulbs ok, no lights working

Why would the turn signal lights not work in a 79' Corvette Fuse seems ok?

If you're sure the fuse is okay, the next thing to check is the bulbs. If the bulbs are okay, the problem could be the turn signal relay, also called the flasher relay.

Why do the lights on a semi trailer dim when turn signals are on?

Well, actually they shouldn't - if other bulbs dim when a turn signal is activated, that usually indicates a short or other fault in the circuit, or a problem with the bulbs themselves.

Have no brake lights changed the bulbs still no brake lights on your 2000 Pontiac grand prix gtx?

Answer On January 11, 2008 at 03:25 am User:S_boone[0] said:On January 11, 2008 at 03:15 am S Boone [0] said:I have the same problem with my 2000 grand prix with no brake lights. I just took it to a garage today and was told it needed a turn signal assm. The price would be 780.00. I paid 89.99 for this info. and brought my car home. I had never tried the hazard lights and after reading this I went out to try my hazard lights. I found the hazard button stuck. after pushing it down forcefully the hazard lights went on and, now I have brake lights. This may be temporary I don't know, but I now have fully fuctioning lights. I had the same problem with my 99 grand prix and changed bulbs brake light swith , fuses and found out that it was a multi - function switch that was causing my brake lights not to work it was a little expensive but you need brake lights!I too had the same problem. I did the exact same thing as stated above, the hazard button was hard to push down, after I got it down, I had fully functioning brake lights. I would like to hear from the previous poster as to if this fixed his problem, or did it happen again?