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Empirical formula.

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Q: The simplest possible whole number ratio of moles of each element in a compound is expressed in the?
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Is a compound the simplest type of substance?

No an element is the simplest form.

Is the simplest type of substance is a compound?

No an element is the simplest form.

Is the simplest pure substance a compound?

no, an element

Which of these is the simplest forms of matter a compound an element a mixture or a solution?


What is the simplest Structural unit of an element Or Compound?


Is methane is a compound or a element?

Methane is a compound of carbon and hydroben, CH4. It is the simplest ALKANE.

What is a compositional element?

This is the composition of a chemical compound expressed in contained chemical elements.

Is it possible to distinguish between and element and compound?


What is the diffrenece between an element and a compound?

Element is the simplest form of substance while compound is a substance of combined elements. Compound can be broken down into simpler substances which maybe are another form of compounds or just in the simplest state which are elements

What is the percent compistion of a compound?

The percent composition of a compound tells the amount of each element in the compound as a percentage. It is possible to find if the mass of an element and the total mass of the compound is known.

What is the formula of imperical?

The simplest ratio of atoms of each element within a compound

What is meant by the simplest formula of a compound?

The simplest formula of a compound is the set of the smallest whole numbers that indicate the relative numbers of each element's atoms in a molecule.

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