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The skip promotion policy in the Dallas Fire Department violated federal racial discrimination laws. They only promoted based on a particular race and gender. This was due to fire department instituting affirmative action standards.

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Who earns more suburban firefighters or Chicago firefighters?

In many cases suburban firefighters will make larger salaries then big city firefighters for several reason.

How many firefighters are there in New York City?

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According to, firefighters in Canada are paid at largely different scales depending on the jurisdiction. The fairly small city of Moncton for example, pays a median wage of $15.17, while firefighters in Canada's largest city, Toronto, have a median wage of $34.38.

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Dallas is a city in north-central Texas

What is the third largest city in Texas?


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Dallas has several suburbs but the closest city, in my view, is Ft. Worth.

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Medical City Dallas Hospital was created in 1974.

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