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If you mean you connected the jumper cables around the wrong way then you may have blown the amp in the stereo. Speakers shouldn't be affected.

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What would happen if you dropped a new car battery in a pool?

I've never tried that, but I am pretty sure the battery would no longer work.

Does Energizer battery lasts longer than Duracell battery?

yes it does i have done a experiment and energizer last longer that duracell

What battery last longer?

I think diz nuts last longer

What does Miss Caroline tell the narrator that she can no longer do with Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird?

That Atticus can no longer teach Scout how to read as she believes Atticus is teaching her incorrectly.

What is in a battery that makes it last longer?

Energizer and other battery brands have an amino acid that gives the battery power.

How do you make lantern battery life last longer?

by the lantern battery charger for it. :D

How often do you need to change the battery?

A battery can last from 1 year to many years. You change it when it no longer will start the car or when it no longer will hold a charge.

Can you use12v 5ah battery in place of 12v 3ah battery?

yes, the 5ah battery will last 5/3 longer than the 3ah battery.

What exactly is an expandable battery on a Camcorder and will it extend battery life?

An expandable battery is if you would like to switch out the existing battery with a longer-lasting one. It will extend battery life.

Which battery will run long time 1440 mAh or 2100mAh?

2100mAh battery will last longer due to higher capacity; probably for nearly 50% longer.

Can you buy a longer lasting battery for the Game Boy Advance?

You can buy larger expansion battery packs for the Game Boy Advance that last much longer.

How do you know when to replace the battery?

When the battery will no longer hold a charge. The guys at the parts store can check it for you.

Where can you buy a tonka ricochet battery?

Amazon.com has a stronger battery that last longer than the original.

Can you bite a battery to make it last longer?

Batteries are poisonous, so I suggest that you DO NOT BITE A BATTERY!

What is a dis charged battery?

A battery no longer able to provide a chemical reaction to create a charge

Can you use the battery charger from a 1050 mAh canon battery on a say 1300 mAh battery?

You can - but it will take a little longer to charge the higher capacity battery.

What is immediate charger and strong battery?

Immediate charger is a charger that can charge battery immediately. Strong battery is a battery that can live much longer than normal battery and have unlimited data.

What car battery last the longest?

One battery is probably just as good as another, but a battery that will last longer in cold weather is the AC Delco Super Heavy Duty battery. The more cranking amps a battery has the longer it is going to last when the car doesn't want to start right away.

Why is lithium used in a lithium ion battery?

Lithium increases the power of the battery so it lasts longer.

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