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See: Japanese American internment

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Who was placed in relocation camps during the war?

Japanese Americans

Who were placed in relocation camps during the war?

Japanese Americans

What was the forced relocation of Japanese American during World War 2?

the reason was to get back at japanese

Forced relocation and confinement of Japanese Americans during the war?


Who tried to help Japanese Americans who had lost property during the relocation?

japanese american citizens league

What started the relocation of Japanese during world war 2?

Pearl Harbor

What persons were placed in relocation camps during World War 2?

Japanese Americans

What does war relocation authority stand for?

it doesn't stand for anything. war relocation authority means the U.S civilian agency responsible for the relocation and internment of Japanese Americans during world war 2

Why did the US government intern many Japanese Americans in relocation camps?

Americans thought Japanese Americans were helping japan during ww2

How many relocation camps were there during world war two?

How many Japanese internment camps were there during World War II?

What was the forced relocation of Japanese-American during world war 2 called?

"Japanese-American internment" where US citizens sere forcibly relocated into what was euphemistically referred to as "War Relocation Camps" : Executive Order 9066 .

The detention centers where Japanese Americans were moved to and confined during World War 2?

Gila River War Relocation Center, ArizonaGranada War Relocation Center, Colorado (AKA "Amache")Heart Mountain War Relocation Center, WyomingJerome War Relocation Center, ArkansasManzanar War Relocation Center, CaliforniaMinidoka War Relocation Center, IdahoPoston War Relocation Center, ArizonaRohwer War Relocation Center, ArkansasTopaz War Relocation Center, UtahTule Lake War Relocation Center, CaliforniaRecommendation: Read the book Farewell to Manzanar to learn what it was like for the Japanese

During World War 2 which group was forced to uproot and move to American relocation centers?

Primarily Japanese Americans.

During World War 2 wich goup of Americans did the US place in relocation camps because of their nationality?


Which groups was treated badly by the US during World War 2?

Japanese-Americans who were compelled to enter into relocation camps .

Three states that had Japanese relocation camps during the war?

There were seven states that had Japanese Internment Camps in the US, they were, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Arkansas, California, Idaho, and Utah.

Why were japan put in relocation camps?

During WWII, the Japanese-Americans were placed in camps because they could not be trusted by the United States Government.

Why were the Japanese Americans held in relocation camps during World War 2?

Because the U.S. government thought that some of them might be spies.

The relocation of us citizens of Japanese descent during World War 2 was a violation of which constitutional principal?

limited government (grad point) ;)

Where were the relocation camps for the Japanese in the US during World War 2?

US Internment Camps during WW IIThe related link site will have a map of all the Japanese-American Internment camps in the United States during World War II.

What is a sentence with the word relocation?

Jewish people had to go through relocation during the Holocaust.

What were the benefits of Japanese Internment in America during World War 2?

Thousands of Japanese-Americans were forced to live in Japanese internment camps in the U.S. There were really no benefits to the relocation and it proved to be the largest violations of civil liberties in American history.

Which loader that can modify the relocation address of the program during the process of loading a program?

relocation loader

How did the Supreme Court view the relocation camps of Japanese Americans during World War 2?

The Supreme Court decided that with the West Coast vulnerable to attack by Japan, the president was within his rights to declare the people of Japanese ancestry might pose a threat to internal security; thus the relocation order was upheld. Even though: No Japanese American was ever found guilty of espionage or sabotage.

Which statement is accurate concerning the forced relocation of Japanese Americans during World War 2?

president franklin d. roosevelt authorized the action as amilitary necessity