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The stage if the cell cycle where the cell grows replicated DNA and prepares for division is called?


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The only way i can explain this is this way; Interphase this is the period between cell divisions ,the genetic material is in the form of CHROMATIN,this is spread throughout the nucleus of fine threads. Before the division begins,the DNA in the chromatin copies of itself,copy attached to the original. When DNA replictes, mitosis begins. Prophase. Chromatin is now visable as CHROMOSOMES,each chromosome has two identical parts as the DNA has duplicated and both parts still together. Membrane around the Nucleus disappears in the cytoplasm. METAPHASE Chromosomes attach to fibres at their midpoints. ANAPHASE The two identical halves of chromosomes split apart during anaphase,they are pulled to oppersite end of the cell. The number of chromosomes is the same at each end,the number that a complete cell is sapposed to have. TELOPHASE Chromosomes unwind and become chromatin again,new nuclear membranes are formed. Cytoplasm divides in the middle of the cell and have become two complete cells(daughter cells),each with the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell. hope this helps someone at least. jen