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If there's nothing wrong with the starter itself, there's a 99% chance it's the starter relay (located on the passenger/front side of the engine bay, mounted on the fender behind the battery). It's a square part with a few wires attached. I don't think many auto parts stores can test this to see if it works, but if I recall, it's a pretty inexpensive part (had to replace it on my 87 Grand Marquis). Good luck.

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Q: The starter motor will not engage on your '87 Crown Victoria 5.0 auto how can you fix this?
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if it is a dohc motor it will be four but if its a single over head cam it should be 2

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The Bendix on a Ford starter is a one-way gear that engages when the starter is activated. and the Bendix is perhaps one of the most common starter failures.

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I remove the starter and test it, then take a pry bar and try to tun the motor over by inserting it into the teeth of the flywheel.

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