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The liberty bell is located in Philadelphia

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The Pennsylvania State House bell is the now the Liberty Bell.

On the liberty bell it is actually spelled like 'Pensylvania

The Liberty Bell State or the Keystone State

The Liberty Bell was named by the abolitionists while trying to free slaves. It was previously called the State House Bell.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Liberty Bell Center on Market Street between 5th & 6th streets.

The Liberty Bell is located at Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Liberty Bell is located in Philadelphia. The Liberty Bell can be found at the Liberty Bell Center which is on Market Street. The Liberty Bell is known as a national historical park/monument.

Philidelphia. and what year was it WHAT? S

It was hng in the Pennsylvania State House.

The Liberty Bell is priceless. I own a bell older than the liberty bell. . . not kidding

the liberty bell is a sign 4 liberty

The Liberty Bell wasn't named as we know it until it was 86 years old. The bell's original name was "State House Bell." The bell officially became "The Liberty Bell" in 1839 and has exclusively been called such since 1893.

how tall is liberty bell

What color is the liberty bell?

It's located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. Pennslyvania

It was hung in the Pennsylvania State House.

Pennsylvania or the abbreviation PA

If you are talking about the liberty bell then yes,it's a bell.

The Liberty Bell was moved to Liberty Bell Center, across the street from Independence Hall.

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